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I'd like to pitch in on my idea for a mascot! What if instead of getting an animal (as birds, foxes, pandas and all of the popular ones are already in use/copywritten) why not a street magician? They're the most iconic thing when you imagine, somebody trying to get tips from public areas. It'll also fit with the logo since its supposed to be a chip falling into a hat (?)!

That could be neat!


Romee Strijd (@romeestrijd) via Instagram

Thanks to my @victoriassecret fam 🎉 Love you all!!

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Is it going to be possible to just like make a Post stop being on our dash like clicking a x button and we never see that post again? This is something I'd love to be on your website. I think it would be useful in situations like this "blue ice cream gives me lots of anxiety by some reason but even if I block the tag blue ice cream most people will only tag ice cream and I like pink ice cream so I don't want to block the tag ice cream" so when I sawed blue ice cream I could just block the post

Yep! We’re setting something up where you could get rid of a post on your feed specifically without needing to block/blacklist (and without the little messages that Tumblr pops up that make it sound a bit more rude than it ought to be).

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On the 4 limit, how about 6 instead? It's even, it's a fair number, and workable for comic makers

We’ll see during the beta! I think you guys might like what we have planned for comic makers, but I won’t spoil the surprise until you guys get to try it.

If you find someone's identification card you can simply place it in your mail box and the post office will make sure it is returned. Free of charge no envelope just put it in mailbox! (I know this is the case for the U.S. not sure about elsewhere.)