It pains me to see the lack of news about MBLAQ.

First of all, with J Tunes throwing away all the trophies they ever won had me very very suspicious as to why they did this. In addition, to J Tunes Camp not even caring about the guys. Like a fan found their trophies at a flea market. Really JTC? Really now ? The trophies they worked hard on and won to just be thrown away is straight up BS.

Second, when MADTOWN went to GNI Entertainment this made me even more suspicious like why ?? Because the only groups at J Tunes Camp were Madtown and MBLAQ(on hiatus)

Then, I went on Wikipedia (which isn’t the best reliable I know) and to confirm the only remaining group since Madtown left is MBLAQ. TWO X been gone to another company and I just thought what is J Tunes Camp doing ??

Now G.O says J. Tunes does not exist any more. Soo they went bankrupt? And him, Seungho, and Mir will still be MBLAQ hopefully …

No words can explain how sad I feel because MBLAQ literally had me in tears from laughing so hard and always had me hyped and swooning over their songs and when they felt a great sense of accomplishment. JTC messed up big time with all of their groups. I’m glad TWO X and Madtown got out while they can. Just so hurt that MBLAQ was basically neglected & then all their hard work is gone … just does not matter to JTC any more.

And I do not know if this is true and I really need a video or some legit + creditable news source but Bi Rain is planning or wants to make another boy group ? Maybe by the end of 2018 this will happen. I don’t know if this is true but .. I just do not know how I feel about this. To be honest I’m more sad + confused than happy if he really wants to do this.

But overall, MBLAQ still has my heart through and through. They deserve better.

Du musst deinen Körper nicht verstecken - egal wie dünn oder dick du bist. Egal ob du Narben, Pickel oder Leberflecken auf deiner Haut trägst. Du darfst anziehen was du willst. Du darfst dich geben wie du bist, lachen, wie du eben lachst. Du darfst reden, wie du eben redest - egal ob dein Wesen in Normen passt oder nicht. Egal was andere dann über dich denken. Ich habe dass viel zu lange nicht verstanden. Ich habe bis vor wenigen Jahren mein Leben damit verbracht, zu sein, wie andere es für richtig halten. Es ist wirklich schade, dass ich das erst jetzt verstehe. Ich habe mir meine Kindheit, meine Teenagerzeit zerstören lassen und das ist sicher ein großer Baustein meines heutigen Sein, aber ich bin nicht sauer auf die Menschen von damals. Keines Wegs. Die Vergangenheit ist geschehen, unvermeidlich, vergangen eben. Das ist okay. Es ist okay, das sie da ist. Es geht jetzt einfach darum, im hier und jetzt, das Beste daraus zu machen.
—  Auf dem Weg zu mir selbst.

So… Since I’m always constantly suffering art block for like 24/7 and realized I did some Maplestory cosplays… Here’s Admin Luminous’s cosplay reveal as Evan 😱😱😱 tbh since I’m actually quite short despite my age I felt like I’m more suited to cosplay younger/shorter characters like Evan or even Beast Tamer or something? Anyways maybe when I’m not so self conscious of my height, I might consider actually cosplaying as Lumi *^* //bonus for the rare Aran cosplayer on the last day of the con though I was so surprised and shook cuz I didn’t expect any MS cosplays at Naka-kon tbh