Tumblr is so gonna hate me for saying this.

And before I say anything I am a white female, possibly pan (working that out) but a demi for sure.

But a lot of the time I feel sorry for white cis males…



Because before they get a chance to show you who they are, show their awareness or if they are ignorant, they get shut down, and told they are racist, sexist, homophobic, and a ignorant bad person who isn’t allowed to have a opinion on something and feelings don’t matter. As soon as they walk into the picture, they get cut off.

Now I am a feminist, think menisim is a fucking joke, I speak out against racism, speak out for gay rights etc but so many times I see these men not allowed to show their support, but get the ‘you can’t sit with us card’ and assumed to be enemy and not allowed to prove otherwise. 

I understand being wary from experience, I’m a young woman who is petrified of men, I walk down the street scared of every man who walks past due to my history and I hate that I have to make that assumption when they could be the nicest person you meet. But I’m tired of seeing some of my good friends, who are the kindest and most considerate people, who fight for equal rights, as a voice for feminism, help reduce gay bashing etc get told their feelings or voices ‘do not matter because you are a straight white male’ before showing people who they really are. 

Is it just me who see’s the irony here? 

It’s coming to a point that they are afraid to join the debate and support because of the dismissive response they receive when they try. 

For change to happen we need to be loving and accepting of everyone, the privileged and the non. Otherwise the activism DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Like Emma Watson said, men are as much of a gender as women and the same concept works in every department.

Judge people on their individual actions, listen to their voices and where they place their support. And when they are confused or misunderstanding the issue, because of their own experience (which is where a lot of privileged people get made to look like villains), try calmly, no matter how hard it may be, and hurt you feel, then try and figure out who they are by what they learn and take from that information, that will show you were their compassion is.


Transformation. It’s all about consistency, it’s about wanting it so bad, it’s about your thoughts. It is attainable your Faith has to be there let it guide you even when you don’t feel like it do it anyway build your character steviegenius