No puedo parar
No puedo parar

Hoy decidí
Que me voy a dejar ir
Perderé la diferencia
De lo mio y lo robado
Del pasado y del porvenir
No se bien por que hago esto
Ni se bien de donde viene
Este sentimiento tan violento solo se mantiene
Y aunque nunca te he engañado
Y jamás pensé en fallarte
En cuestión de unos minutos hoy comienzo a engañarte
Y no puedo parar.

Y por las calles flotando

Como el polen va anunciando
Llevando va a tu cabellera el ritmo de la primavera

Y de pronto me pregunto
como es que hoy estamos juntos
mientras me vas desnudando y todo explota en este mundo
y después mi mano toca
la riviera de tu boca
y este río vagabundo en tu cuerpo desemboca

Y no puedo parar.
Y no quiero parar.

TFLN Sentence Starters (Part 4)
  • [text] Do you ever get high and look at your cat and feel like you know them on an intellectual level?
  • [text] Three of my exes and one of my exes' brothers have hit me up and it's only been a week. I hate semester break.
  • [text] Remember when I got punched in the face on NYE last year? I don't
  • [text] I wasn't going to just ask my parents for a damn vibrator for christmas
  • [text] I put chex mix in your purse for when you get hungry while doing your walk of shame tomorrow!
  • [text] I snuck out three pillows from the hotel i was rolling so hard. They are like little clouds. I regret nothing.
  • [text] Went out with the family last night and some 40 yr old lady wanted to take me home. My mom was not happy with me
  • [text] If it snows I'm making an igloo and getting wasted in it
  • [text] new years resolution: more sex, less car punching, more chipotle.
  • [text] He's interpretive dancing to Crazy by Britney Spears and expressing his feelings for either me or the guy next to us
  • [text] He puked in the middle of it and I still wasn't disappointed.
  • [text] Well I've made a drinking game out of the Wiggles but I think I've got this babysitting thing down
  • [text] You are the jesus of drinking
  • [text] Never underestimate the power of loudly proclaiming you want to make out with someone
  • [text] Pretty much gone. He was in the backseat and kept whispering that his "toes felt like pigtails"
  • [text] Holy shit, add "successfully got stoned secretly at a party where a cop was" to my list of accomplishments.
  • [text] I'm smoking a bowl in my bathtub. I'm meant to be alone.
  • [text] friends are allowed to bang on New Years, I read it on the Internet somewhere.
  • [text] I hope my margaritas pass through security.
  • [text] Go have fun. I'm gonna go shower off the regret.
  • [text] Never again let me pretend to be australian for free booze.
  • [text] woke up this morning with a pool of champagne in my purse. apparently i was saving it for later.
  • [text] just had a flashback of you pouring champagne into my mouth from someones balcony..
  • [text] Unless you can cure my hangover with your penis I'm not interested.
  • [text] They tried to dine n dash at dennys and the waiter jumped on their car and broke their windshield
  • [text] The first thing I did in 2015 was suck a dick.....so.....
  • [text] Woke up with champagne in my hair and honey mustard on my hands. Strangely, I'm okay with this
  • [text] For future reference, don't put tape on your nipples. Ouch.
  • [text] I wish I could take a screenshot of how things literally look from my eyeballs right now
  • [text] I'm gonna write a book. Almost Awesome: all the times I ALMOST got laid.
  • [text] Dude you asked your tattoo if it wanted to go swimming
  • [text] Called my dealer in tears and we talked for an hour until I felt better. That's the way it should be.
  • [text] Mmm. Champagne. Weed. 17 pounds of animal crackers.
  • [text] Just scratched my head and I basically rained glitter.
  • [text] Did the walk of shame past her kids. I'm younger than one of them.
  • [text] its not facebook stalking, its market reasearch
  • [text] I've never been so excited to have my ass in so much pain.
  • [text] Drunk me just left a note for sober me apologizing for all the fucking crumbs in our bed
  • [text] I feel like I was playing penis roulette last night nd I landed on the wrong one.
  • [text] but I'm still not sure how you became more and more fluent in Spanish the drunker you got
  • [text] The vodka told me to go iceskating on my frozen pool. I may have attempted.
  • [text] Remember the girl I had sex with in the dorm stairwell? She got married!
  • [text] I haven't had an orgasm since 2014. So you can see why I'm having a bad year.
  • [text] do you have any idea how expensive it is to have the munchies at Disneyland?
  • [text] I'm drunk in your building find me and we can have sex.
  • [text] Dude. I don't even want cuddles. I just want an acknowledgement that I just had balls in my mouth.
  • [text] I'm getting "congrats on your engagement" shots. I need to get engaged more often!
  • [text] I wanna snuggle with you as we feed each other chipotle burrito bowls and that's just where I'm at right now
  • [text] I don't know. I'm drunk and dressed as a pirate but ill do the math tomorrow morning.
  • [text] woke up to the trail of sugar cubes leading to my bed........was i that uncooperative last night
  • [text] I'm serious-it was like trying to deep-throat a minivan.
  • [text] I would say that that is the last time I ever drink a bottle of jack in two hours, but really who am I kidding?
  • [text] I'm honestly wondering if my vagina did something to offend the universe
  • [text] if becoming an adult is chugging a bottle of wine in your bed and crying about your stresses while your dog watches you, sign me up
  • [text] i cant believe we used adam and eve as a sexting theme last night
  • [text] I'm trying to be sexual and you're sending me smashmouth lyrics
  • [text] I saw your dick pic and thought there goes the last thread of my heterosexuality.
  • [text] I mixed Jack with hot chocolate. This may be the best or worst idea ever. I have yet to find that out
  • [text] Listen. I'm a changed woman. I have no problem using him for sex.
  • [text] do you think your dog feels awkward being in the background of your nudes?
  • [text] his ex girlfriend sent him a pic of her naked in the bathtub so I sent her a pic of me sucking his dick
  • [text] I knew it was time to stop when you guys were playing a drinking game called "every three steps take a drink"
  • [text] You couldve had sex with 2 drunk chicks on an alligator slide.
Cristala Sentence Starters (1x01)
  • "If you were my wife/husband I'd put poison in your coffee"
  • "It's embarrassing how much you want me."
  • "You know you gotta stop sending me these mixed messages."
  • "'I don't like you' and 'go away' are not mixed messages"
  • "I like the way you look at the world."
  • "So sorry I made you do that....is it weird now?"
  • "You've been misled."
  • "When I think about how much harder you've worked than my daughter to get where you are, well, then I'd have to be a fool not to hire you."
  • "You're very smart but you've got a lot to learn."
  • "Sometimes it's not so bad having you around."
  • "Just so you know, what I heard was 'I love you'"
  • "Well, if he's choking, you're doing that wrong."
  • "You know you really shouldn't leave your door open like that. Someone could walk in here and take your stuff."
  • "How dare you misrepresent yourself? And on the internet of all places."
  • "If he starts murdering you...text me."
  • "I don't judge people on looks, I judge people on money."
  • "I don't date. Not part of my ten-year plan"
  • : "Monday's pants, Tuesday's sweater: Wednesday's outfit."
  • "Can I? Yes. Will I? No."
  • "How do you look so good at four in the morning?"
  • "You know I love it when you walk away. It gives me a glimpse of your head!"
  • "Why do men think they can hoot and holler like great big apes?"
  • "I don't want to sound all grandiose, but we're kind of like Jesus."
  • "Clearly you've never punched anyone in the face."
  • "Are you rapping?"
  • "I almost turned him/her down out of some strange loyalty to you."
  • "You hurt me earlier. You made me feel like I didn't matter at all."
  • "Could the problem be the pet names?"
  • "You're awfully passionate about him/her"
  • "Oh, that is not fair! Do not be all loving and caring while I'm trying to be mad at you!"
  • "I'm such a mess, why do you even like me?"
  • "Stop defending me!"
  • "I won't change who I am, I can't. But I refuse to change you."
  • "Take me home, I'd rather die than be with you."
  • "Is this really happening?"
  • "As long as you're here with me, I know I'll be okay."
  • "There you go again, pretending you don't care."
  • "I feel, okay? And it sucks!"
  • "No, it was my fault for thinking that you might care."
  • "Yes it's tempting ... but it's a mistake."
  • "And every time I look at you, it hurts."
  • "I really don't like feelings."
  • "Is that what you're doing? Trying to make me hate you?"
  • "You think that you don't deserve something ... so you ruin it."
  • "Maybe I missed you."
  • "If you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose."
  • "Because I love you, because you love me."
  • "It came to me in a dream, I was naked ... you would have loved it."
  • "Everything that I like about me ... is you."
  • "I just said I'm not sorry."
  • "I loved you through everything and you don't even care!"
  • "Because love is the best thing we do."
  • "Don't hold your breath, I'm not losing sleep over you."
  • "It's the things we love most that destroy us."

anonymous asked:

hello may I request for the kid meme: White/N and Steven/May? thanks!

FerriswheelShipping (das one of my otps man):

  • Name: 
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Green eyes (from her father), Brown hair (from her mother). Her hair is curly b/c both of her parents have that trait. 
  • Personality: A quiet girl, keeps to herself, but really likes playing with pokemon. 
  • Special Talents: Can talk to pokemon like her dad.
  • Who they like better: Has no bias.
  • Who they take after more: Looks more like her mother, but takes more after her father personality wise.
  • Personal Head canon: N was really nervous that he wouldn’t be a good father (lbh his father was shit.) but when his daughter was born he stopped worrying because he was so happy and he ended up being amazing at it. 
  • Face Claim:


  • Name: Aquamarine
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Blue eyes (like her father), brown hair (like her mother)
  • Personality: Even tempered, but curious. Very intelligent.
  • Special Talents: Could read at a very early age, and reads well above her grade level. Has a knack for pokemon battles.
  • Who they like better: neither, she adores both of her parents.
  • Who they take after more: A mix of both.
  • Personal Head canon: Steven cried the first time he saw his daughter. He had to leave the room. The first book he bought her was a book about rocks.
  • Face Claim: