Maximizing Kaidan's Banter (Spoilers Abound) - Kaidan Alenko, Biotic Sex God
Maximizing Kaidan's Banter (Spoilers Abound) - posted in Kaidan Alenko, Biotic Sex God: This is a copy of Laikabawss blog on the legacy forums on, well, maximizing Kaidans banter in ME3 of course. Thanks Roivas_Alenko for cleaning it up! Dunno how long the old forum will be online, so I thought I can save that great work from laikabawss blog on this group ^^ Maximizing Kaidans Banter (Spoilers Abound) 1. BRING KAIDAN EVERY...

I used this the first time I played ME3 with a romanced Kaidan; didn’t want to miss any Kaidan dialogue (apparently some characters can steal lines and scenes from him - even if he’s locked in as a romance). It’s very handy. ^_^ Warning: tons of spoilers!


Wrex’s kids grow up with the best bedtime stories

and Shepard’s going to give Garrus a stress ulcer yet you just wait

(my go-to fighting method in me3 was to say “fuck it” to my guns and just biotic charge/punch anything that I could get my hands on, brutes very much included)