so im gonna do one of these since i need new people to follow/new mutuals! 

if you post about any 3 of these things at least once a week(ish), lms and i’ll almost certainly follow!

✨boku no hero academia / my hero academia (anime and/or manga, also if you’re really into the pros and senseis, ignore my 3 things rule and like this anyways)


✨animal crossing

✨my chemical romance

✨carly rae jepsen

✨western girl pop idols in general (gaga, beyonce, britney, kesha, kylie, christina, nicki, amy, janelle, mariah, robyn, celine, ect…)

✨hair/fashion/beauty, any style

✨occult/astrology/creepy art


✨buildings/cityscapes/travel (especially travel journals/art)

✨lgbt only memes

✨those kinda fucked up pics like the corn seahorse or the exploding portapotty or the dude stretching before robbing a dunkin donuts or weirdly ominous signs, just shit that’s messed up in a funny way 

gerard: yeah an mcr reunion is a possibility, but we’re all really happy where we’re at right now.

every rock magazine: MCR is BACK ! 😱😱 grab your EYELINER 🐼💀👀 emos, this ⚡️⚡️SHOCKING ⚡️⚡️ news is bringing us all back to 2007 😭!! ! 🎹🎼black parade frontman 🎤😈gerard way 😍😜says an💔💧 MCR reunion is in the works ! 😱😨what doe s this mean?!? 🕵⁉️