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I was wondering, do you guys know if there are any fics based off any Mayday Parade songs other than Terrible Things? I've looked and those are the only ones I can find.

Hold Onto Me (ao3) - Dan’s broken, and Phil loves him so much; he’ll always be there there to pick up the pieces. Mayday Parade, Hold Onto Me

i wish that you were here by my side (ao3) - (TW) a songfic based off of Everything’s An Illusion by Mayday Parade set in 2012.

Sleep Well, My Friend (ao3) - “If God can take a friend away from me, then I can say all I want… My tongue is weak and every time I try to speak I can’t say nothing at all” - Mayday Parade, Everything’s An Illusion

Stay - Dan and Phil get into an argument when Phil storms out. Phil is struck by a drunk driver, and his chances of surviving aren’t the best.

Three Cheers For Five Years (fanfiction.net) - Inspired by the Mayday Parade song Three Cheers for Five Years.

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Knuckle Puck puts on a show like no other. Last night was epic.

#knucklepuck #themasquerade #atlanta #myhappyplace #poppunk #maydayparade (at The Masquerade)

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2017 MayDay Parade

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’s annual MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival has been a vibrant example of art as community building in the Twin Cities area for 43 years.

The theme of the 2017 MayDay was Imagine, Heal, Resist. At this time of great upheaval, we come together to IMAGINE a just and joyous future for all; HEAL personal, cultural and historical wounds; and stand as a circle in RESISTance to false myths of separateness that perpetuate violence and inequality.


AP Tour Featuring Mayday Parade, Real Friends, As It Is, and This Wild Life

Concert Review!!

Last Sunday was my date for the AP Tour. It’s now one of my top shows that I went to this year! It was absolutely amazing! As It Is started off the show and got everyone singing along. This Wild Life continued the show with great vibes. Real Friends was amazing always. It would be my third time seeing them live. When Mayday Parade finally came on it was madness. The crowd was screaming their heads off- me included. The band jumped right in with two songs and everyone was singing along. It was great night.

PS- to whoever that is doing the lights for this tour. YOU’RE DOING AN CRAZY GOOD JOB.