Five Nights at Wammy’s

I just really want someone to make a playable version of Five Nights at Wammy’s

Where you’re Roger Ruvie sitting in the office listening to instructions from Quillsh Wammy over the phone

And these FUCKING KIDS keep running down the hall screaming “ROGER ROGER”

And you keep checking the cameras to lock the little bastards out, but they’re SO QUICK and they’ve got their special sneaking talents (stealth/hiding for Near, agility/speed for Mello, crawling through the fucking vents and rewiring your cameras randomly for Matt)

And if you don’t make sure Beyond Birthday is sitting in his room the whole night, he’ll charge at super speeds into your office and just start setting your plants on fire and cackling

If you make it to 6 AM, you get a shot of bourbon


Omg! that face she makes at the end! 😂


“Different style fun”

My fun little project is complete. I decided to draw in different styles of some of my favorite artists, who are also eddheads. But the last two are animators. This was fun. I hope I got some right. 

First style: Mine

Second style: Tomee . Her artblog

Third style: Nerdy

Fourth style: Asagi

Fifth style: Paul (check out his original work too :D)

Sixth style: Edd! ★

For the ones I asked to draw in your style, thanks guys, you guys are awesome. :’)


It’s been 2 days.

2 days since he left me.

2 days since he told me that he doesn’t love me anymore2 days since he told me that I was just a fucking rebound.

It hurts like hell. Everything seems so surreal. I feel so empty, I pity myself for believing in him. I hate myself for loving him. But he’s not hard to love. He’s funny, he’s caring, he’ll say the most sweetest things in the world, . he’s Matthew Espinosa and He’s a liar.

He left me. He didn’t even tell me why. All that he told me was he loves his bestfriend and she needs him because she’s sick. Well if she’s sick, i’m dying–literally.

I stare at the necklace that Matt gave to me on our first anniversary. Tomorrow was supposed to be our second.The cold air from the sea touches my skin, it reminds me of his cold eyes when he told me that he didn’t love me.
I walked up to the shore, with the necklace in my hand thinking if I should throw it or not.

“Nice necklace. You gave that to you? Matthew?”  Scarlet popped up of nowhere. She’s Matt’s bestfriend aka girlfriend. She’s pretty. She wears these nice dresses and all I wear is some ripped jeans and shorts with a pair of tshirts or cropped tops.

“none of your business” I turned around and walked away from her but she pulled my hair. How can a sick person pull my hair so hard?

“No one turns their back to me bitch”

“what the fuck is your problem!”

“Nothing, I just need to take care of something” Scarlet took the necklace out of my hand and threw it in the sea


“Matt’s mine. So everything that he gave to you is mine now. And I can do anything that I want with those stuff” she blew me a kiss then left.
Why is my life so miserable? The only thing that matters right now is that necklace. And she just threw it away like that. It’s just so fucking important to me.

I started walking to the sea, diving as the water got deeper and deeper and the waves got stronger and stronger. I need to find that necklace. It so difficult to swim because i’m wearing a pair of blue jeans and the waves are really strong. I kept on looking, diving and the routine goes on and on until I can’t barely breathe but gladly, I found the necklace.

I felt someone dragging me out of the sea. Someone familiar and someone whom I don’t want to see.

“ARE FUCKING OUT OF YOUR MIND? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF?” Matt shouted at me. Why the fuck is he here? Why the fuck does he care? Why is he messing with my feelings?

“I’m already dying so why would I even kill myself?” I immediately put the necklace on the pocket of my jeans and walked away, but he grabbed my elbow

“You’re what?”

“Nothing."we just stared at each other. His gorgeous eyes against my red and puffy ones

"Why Matt?”

“Why what?”

“Why did you leave”

“She needs me” he said as he look away

“how about me? don’t you think that I need you too?”

“I don’t know. All that I know is she needs me.”

“I fucking need you too.” I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from crying
“She’s sick y/n” and i’m dying Matt. Stage 3 lung cancer. haven’t you noticed that i’m getting weaker? haven’t you noticed that i’m getting pale?

“Did you really loved me?” He didn’t answered. That’s the most painful part. The guy whom you loved so much, doesn’t even love you back. My legs are getting weaker, my chest feels nothing but pain, and the next thing I know, I broke drown crying in front of him.

I held his hands and looked at him

“Why can’t you just tell me the real reason? or at lease answer my question! I need you. I really do. Please comeback. Please stay. I love you so much. more than anything or anyone else. But everything that we had was trashed. I did everything just to make you happy. But I guess that’s not enough. I hate myself because I love you so much. I hate myself for believing that you actually cared. I hate myself for begging you to comeback to me. I hate myself for begging you to stay knowing that you wouldn’t. I’m such a fucking idiot”

Matt sighed. “I’m really sorry. I loved you. Past tense. I know you’re gonna find another, you deserve better y/n.” Matt removed my hands on him and walked away.

I never knew that it would hurts so much. I never knew that one day i’ll be watching the guy that I love the most walk away from me, telling me that it’s really over.

The scenario with y/n at beach kept on replaying on my mind. But I know. Scarlet needs me. She’ll die without me.I laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling for hours. The door opened, revealing a pale y/n.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know that you’re here. I’m just gonna get my stuff”


I watched her as she walked to the closet grabbing her thing, her suitcase, bag, clothes etcI never noticed that she was so skinny. Maybe that’s because I was too busy with someone else.She didn’t even folded her clothes, she just tucked it all in her suitcase. When she opened her backpack, he put her hands to her face, I can hear her small sobs. It really makes me feel bad

I opened my backpack and saw my gift for Matt for our suppose to be 2nd anniversary. I put my hands on my face to prevent myself from crying. But I can’t. I looked at Matt and he looked away.

Every single memory that I had with Matt kept on replaying in my head. How can I un-love someone that I love the most? Just being with him in the same room hurts knowing that you can’t bring back what you had. But despite all of that, I still want him to comeback.

I took out my gift, grabbed my suitcase and backpack, put the gift on the table beside the bed and left. I hope you’re happy Matt..

should i post part 2? ask/message me if i should :)