Post explosion deaf Mello Matt headcanons

- Mello only learns the swear words in sign initially so he can mouth off to Matt behind his back

- Matt signing back that he can hear his fingers moving

- Mello learning to read lips so he can converse without sign as often

- Matt signing everything he says anyway because he can’t stop looking away and turning his head to look at other stuff

- Mello being excited when his subordinates also begin to pick up sign, even if it’s just a few words to begin with

- late night talks in bed which have to stop when Matt’s fingers cramp

- Mello putting his hand on Matt’s throat as he’s trying to sleep asking Matt to speak aloud so he can feel his voice

- Matt telling Mello he loves him, even if he can’t hear it

anonymous asked:

what kind of kisser L, Mello, Matt and Near would be?

L: L would keep kisses rather short. More often then not its a kiss on the cheek.

Mello: Mello’s kisses are almost always heated and passionate. Neck kisses are his favorite.

Matt: Matt is kind of spontaneous. He’ll kiss you in the middle of talking. They’re usually a bit longer but always very sweet. He likes forehead kisses.

Near: Near’s kisses are few and far between. Always very short and he’s always very embarrassed. He’s more comfortable kissing the back of your hand and your knuckles.