Here’s a list of weird/strange articles on wikipedia in no particular order for you to read and just add more useless knowledge in your puny human brain. General murder/death trigger warning for most.

Bloody Mary || Kennedy curse || Taman Shud Case || La Voisin || Greyfriars Bobby || Pripyat || Albert Fish || Mary Toft || The Cure for Insomnia || Roanoke Colony || John Murray Spear || Arecibo message || Nuckelavee || Phaistos Disc || Tanganyika laughter epidemic || Mad Gasser of Mattoon || Murder of Junko Furuta || Peoples Temple || Ed Gein || Stargate Project || Jackalope || Numbers station || UVB-76 || Bélmez Faces || Donner Party || Adam || Mariana UFO incident || Valentich disappearance || Cleveland Torso Murderer || Trepanning || Dyatlov Pass incident || Grey goo || Overtoun House || The Garden of Earthly Delights || Wilhelm Reich || Starchild skull || Original Night Stalker || Owlman || Ararat anomaly || British big cats || Jack the Ripper || Clapham Wood Mystery || Pope Lick Monster || Shadow person || Out-of-place artifact || Black Dahlia || Jersey Devil || Crawfordsville monster || Koro || Philadelphia Experiment || Glasgow smile || Roswell UFO incident || David Parker Ray || D. B. Cooper || Total Information Awareness || Goatman || Grey alien || Joachim Kroll || Peter Kürten || Gilles de Rais || Alien abduction || Joseph Vacher || Mothman || Polywater || Catacombe dei Cappuccini || Villisca Axe Murders || Grace Sherwood || Loveland frog || The Hermitage || Jatinga || Sankebetsu brown bear incident || Mongolian death worm || Devil’s Footprints || The Sick Child || H. H. Holmes || Dysaesthesia aethiopica || Bloody Benders || Lamia || Black Paintings || The Monster with 21 Faces || Shirime || Lina Medina || Exploding head syndrome || Quantum suicide and immortality || Mokele-mbembe || Spontaneous human combustion || Dulce Base || Chandre Oram || Oscar || Men in Black || Vladimir Demikhov || The Great Red Dragon Paintings || Bloop || Retroactive continuity || Elizabeth Báthory || Delphine LaLaurie || Silverpilen || Polybius || Guided rat || Robert J. White || Chelyabinsk meteor || Armin Meiwes || Big Crunch || Belchen Tunnel || Moberly–Jourdain incident || Boy Scout Lane || Princes in the Tower || Rosenheim Poltergeist || Peter Stumpp || Bermuda Triangle || Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery || Hill of Crosses || Self-immolation || Lycaon || Burke and Hare murders || Pykrete || Kate Morgan || List of unusual deaths || Sawney Bean || Rogue elephant of Aberdare Forest || Yoshio Kodaira || Incorruptibility || Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus || Toynbee tiles || Rat king || Sailing stones || Thalidomide || Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 || Tunguska event || Head transplant || List of cryptids || Borley Rectory || Sedlec Ossuary || Alien hand syndrome || Capgras delusion || Mellified man || Atuk || Monster of Glamis || Spring-heeled Jack || Allagash Abductions || Aokigahara || Raymond Robinson (Green Man) || Premature burial || Brain transplant || Nightmarchers || Decompression illness || Midgetville || Zombie || Mercy Brown vampire incident || Necromancy || Lamkin || Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. || Icelandic Phallological Museum || Neisseria meningitidis || Unit 731 || Bunny Man || Bubbly Creek || Malleus Maleficarum || Moll Dyer || Original Spanish Kitchen || Charles Bonnet syndrome || Voynich manuscript || Black Annis || True name || Dorothy Talbye trial || Black dog || Wandering Jew || Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway || Yara-ma-yha-who || Rod Ferrell || The Juniper Tree


I just have a lot of writing tips and masterposts and just stuff in my likes and I decided to put them all into this. All rights goes to the people who made them.

Cool Other Masterposts:

  • Writing Specific Characters
  • Writing References
  • Writing Masterpost
  • Character Guides
  • Writing Help for Writers
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  • Online Writing Resources
  • List of Websites to Help You Focus
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  • Helpful Links for Writing Help
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  • Mental Ilnesses/Disorders Guides
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  • The Ultimate Writing Masterpost


  • The Official Ten-Step Guide to Becoming the Next Gatsby
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  • Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips
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  • 34 Writing Tips that will make you a Better Writer
  • 50 Free resources that will improve your writing skills
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  • The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Insecurity
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  • You’re Not Hemingway - Developing Your Own Style
  • 7 Ways to use Brain Science to Hook Readers and Reel them In
  • 8 Short Story Tips from Kurt Vonnegut
  • How to Show, Not Tell
  • 5 Essential Story Ingredients
  • How to Write Fiction that grabs your readers from page one
  • Why research is important in writing
  • Make Your Reader Root for Your Main Character
  • Writing Ergonomics (Staying Comfortable Whilst Writing)
  • The Importance of Body Language
  • Fashion Terminology
  • All About Kissing
  • Genre Help: Romance
  • 187 Mental Illnesses
  • Types of Mental Illness
  • Eye Color List
  • Spectral Groupings
  • Do you have trouble creating your titles?
  • On being a co-writer || Additional tips on effective co-writing 
  • The length of a chapter
  • How to deal with too many story ideas
  • On writing two stories simultaneously || a similar ask
  • When a story stops working
  • Copyright
  • Reading critically for writers
  • The question of outlining
  • Avoiding publishing scams
  • Finding story ideas
  • Tips on building a platform [guest blog]
  • How much does writing “in genre” matter?
  • What a “real writer” is
  • Pennames and aliases
  • A series of thoughts on series titles
  • The self-pub miniseries: the why
  • The self-pub miniseries: the what
  • Rewriting fanfiction into original fiction
  • Formatting long quotes and songs 


  • 10 days of Character Building
  • Name Generators
  • Name Playground
  • Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test
  • Seven Common Character Types
  • Handling a Cast of Thousands Part 1 - Getting To Know Your Characters
  • Web Resources for Developing Characters
  • Building Fictional Characters
  • Fiction Writer’s Character Chart
  • Body Language Cheat
  • Body Language Reference Cheat
  • Tips for Writers: Body Language
  • Types of Crying
  • Body Language: Mirroring
  • Character Building Workshop
  • Tips for Characterization
  • Character Chart for Fiction Writers
  • Villains are people too but…
  • How to Write a Character Bible
  • Character Development Exercises
  • All Your Characters Talk the Same - And They’re Not A Hivemind!
  • Medieval Names Archive
  • Sympathy Without Saintliness
  • Family Echo (Family Tree Maker)
  • Behind The Name
  • 100 Character Development Questions for Writers
  • Aether’s Character Development Worksheet
  • The 12 Common Archetypes
  • Six Types of Courageous Characters
  • Kazza’s List of Character Secrets - Part 1, Part 2
  • Creating Believable Characters With Personality
  • Angry
  • Bad Asses
  • Bitches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • Childishness
  • Emotional Detachment
  • Flirtatious
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Introverts (2)
  • Mean Persons (2)
  • Psychopaths
  • Party Girls
  • Rich (2) 
  • Rebels
  • Sarcasm
  • Serial Killers (2)
  • Shyness (2, 3)
  • Sluts
  • Villains (2)
  • Witt
  • Body Language Cheat Sheet
  • Creating Fictional Characters Series
  • Three Ways to Avoid Lazy Character Description
  • 7 Rules for Picking Names for Fictional Characters
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  • Character Development Through Hobbies
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  • Ari’s Archetype Series
  • How to Craft Compelling Characters
  • List of 200 Character Traits
  • Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex
  • Making Your Characters Likable
  • Do you really know your characters?
  • Character Development: Virtues
  • Character Development: Vices
  • Character Morality Alignment
  • List of Negative Personality Traits
  • List of Positive Personality Traits
  • List of Emotions - Positive
  • List of Emotions - Negative
  • Loon’s Character Development Series - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Phobia List A-L (Part 1), M-Z (Part 2)
  • 30 Day In Depth Character Development Meme
  • Words for Emotions based on Severity
  • Eight Bad Characters
  • High Level Description of the Sixteen Personality Types
  • How Not to Write Female Characters
  • Writing Female Characters
  • How to write empowering female characters
  • Why I write strong female characters
  • Red Flags for Female Characters Written by Men
  • Writing strong female characters
  • The Female Character Flowchart
  • Eight Heroine Archetypes
  • Eight Hero Archetypes
  • Help on picking character names
  • A tip about realistic characters
  • Strategies to create believable characters
  • Additional tips on writing PoC characters
  • Advice on writing genders
  • Creating unstable characters
  • Ambiguous Antagonists
  • A tidbit on psychological trauma [trigger warnings]
  • On writing accents
  • What makes characters stick with me
  • Sweetening up character description
  • Making an introverted character stand out
  • Conveying too much or too little character “inner reflection”
  • Revealing a character’s asexual orientation
  • Revealing a character’s gender & orientation
  • A habit of killing characters
  • When characters aren’t standing out
  • Breaking hearts with character deaths
  • Quick tips on expressing character 
  • Character development versus pacing 
  • A mini guide to character voice
  • A Description Resource
  • 55 Words to Describe Someones Voice
  • Describing Skin Colors
  • Describing a Person: Adding Details
  • Emotions Vocabulary
  • 90 Words For ‘Looks’
  • Be More Descriptive
  • Describe a Character’s Look Well
  • 100 Words for Facial Expressions
  • To Show and Not To Tell
  • Words to Describe Facial Expressions
  • Describing Clothes
  • List of Actions
  • Tone, Feelings and Emotions
  • Writing A Vampire
  • Writing Pansexual Characters
  • Writing Characters on the Police Force
  • Writing Drunk Characters
  • Writing A Manipulative Character
  • Writing A Friends With Benefits Relationship
  • Writing A Natural Born Leader
  • Writing A Flirtatious Character
  • Writing A Nice Character
  • Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Villains
  • Five Traits to Contribute to an Epic Villain
  • Writing Villains that Rock
  • Writing British Characters
  • How To Write A Character With A Baby
  • On Assassin Characters
  • Disorders in general (2, 3, 4, 5) 
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Anxiety (2, 3, 4, 5) 
  • Avoidant Personality Disorder
  • Alice In Wonderland Syndrome
  • Bipolar Disorder (2, 3)
  • Cotard Delusions
  • Depression (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)   
  • Eeating Disorders (2, 3)
  • Facitious Disorders
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder
  • Multiple Personality Disorder (2)
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Night Terrors
  • Kleptomania (2)
  • A Pyromaniac
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychopaths
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (2) (3)
  • Sex Addiction (2)
  • Schizophrenia (2)
  • Sociopaths (2)
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Apathy 
  • Autism
  • Someone Blind (2)
  • Cancer (2, 3)
  • Disability
  • Dyslexia
  • Muteness (2, 3)
  • Stutter
  • Actors
  • Ballet Dancer (2)
  • Christianity
  • Foreigners
  • Gamblers
  • Hinduism
  • Hitmen
  • Satanism
  • Smokers
  • Stoners
  • Taoism
  • Journalists
  • Vegetarians
  • Alcohol Influence (2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Cocaine Influence
  • Ecstasy Influence (2)
  • Heroin Use
  • LSD Influence
  • Marijuana Influence (2, 3)
  • Opiate Use

Tips on Writing Dialogue:

  • It’s Not What They Say…
  • Top 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue
  • Speaking of Dialogue
  • The Great Said Debate
  • He Said, She Said, Who Said What?
  • How to Write Dialogue Unique to Your Characters
  • Writing Dialogue: Go for Realistic, Not Real-Life

Tips on Writing Point of View:

  • Establishing The Right Point of View
  • How to Start Writing in the Third Person
  • The I Problem

Style & Craft of Writing:

  • The literary “weak verb”
  • Do you have word tics?
  • Victoria’s Vitamins: vague descriptive words
  • Victoria’s Vitamins: mood
  • Breaking writing habits
  • Varying sentences
  • Describing colors
  • Sweetening up character description
  • Purple prose
  • Grammar is a tricksy thing
  • “Smartening” the language of your narrative
  • Building suspense and making readers sweat
  • A couple tips about description in fast-paced scenes


  • The story of exposition
  • 10 ways to hit your reader in the gut
  • Make your reader root for your main character
  • Make your reader hold their breath
  • What’s the big deal about intros?
  • A tip about description
  • The word count of your manuscript
  • Things that make me keep reading
  • Choosing ideas and endings
  • When to describe setting
  • Battling cliches
  • Is your story YA, NA, or adult?
  • When a plot isn’t strong enough to make a whole story
  • Flashbacks with multiple POVs
  • Bulking up your word count
  • Avoiding cliches
  • Conquer that opening line || response || discussion
  • Tips on revealing setting awesomely kind of
  • Deciding between different ideas for the same story 


  • You’ve finished your manuscript! Now what?
  • Revision sucks but doesn’t have to suck
  • Where to find beta readers/critique partners
  • Tips on taking critique
  • Tips on giving critique
  • What to do with bad writing advice
  • Additional insight on bad writing advice
  • Five quick steps to get into revising that manuscript
  • When to say you’re done revising
  • Beginning the awesome journey of revision
  • Friends are not always the best readers 

Plot, Structure, & Outline:

  • Writing A Novel Using the Snowflake Method
  • Effectively Outlining Your Novel
  • Conflict and Character Within Story Structure
  • Outlining Your Plot
  • Ideas, Plots and Using the Premise Sheets
  • How To Write A Novel
  • Creating Conflict and Sustaining Suspense
  • Plunge Right In…Into Your Story, That Is
  • Tips for Creating a Compelling Plot
  • 36 (plus one) Dramatic Situations
  • The Evil Overlord Devises A Plot: Excerpt from Stupid Plot Tricks
  • Conflict Test
  • What is Conflict?
  • Monomyth
  • The Hero’s Journey: Summary of Steps
  • Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes
  • Plotting Without Fears
  • Novel Outlining 101
  • Writing The Perfect Scene
  • One-Page Plotting
  • The Great Swampy Middle
  • How Can You Know What Belongs In Your Book?
  • Create A Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps
  • How to Organize and Develop Ideas for Your Novel
  • Create Structure in your novel using index cards
  • Choosing the best outline method for you
  • Hatch’s Plot Bank

Setting & Making Your Own World

  • Magical Word Builder’s Guide
  • I Love The End Of The World
  • World Building 101
  • The Art of Description: Eight Tips to Help Bring Your Settings to Life
  • Creating the Perfect Setting - Part 1
  • Creating a Believable World
  • Setting
  • Character and Setting Interactions
  • Maps Workshop - Developing the Fictional World Through Mapping
  • World Builders Project
  • How To Create Fantasy Worlds
  • Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

Helpful Tools & Software:

  • Tip Of My Tongue - Find the word you’re looking for
  • Write or Die - Stay motivated
  • Stay Focused - Tool for Chrome, lock yourself out of distracting websites
  • My Writing Nook - Online Text Editor, Free
  • Bubbl.us - Online Mind Map Application, Free
  • Family Echo - Online Family Tree Maker, Free
  • Freemind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable
  • Xmind - Mind Map Application; Free; Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable
  • Liquid Story Binder - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $45.95; Windows, Portable
  • Scrivener - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $39.95; Mac
  • SuperNotecard - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free trial, $29; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable
  • yWriter - Novel Organization and Writing Application; free; Windows, Linux, portable
  • JDarkRoom - Minimalist Text Editing Application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable
  • AutoRealm - Map Creation Application; free; Windows, Linux with Wine

Grammer & Revision:

  • How To Rewrite
  • Editing Recipe
  • Cliche Finder
  • Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written
  • Writing 101: Revising A Novel
  • 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes
  • Synonyms for the Most Commonly Used Words of the English Language
  • Grammar Urban Legends
  • Words Instead of Walk (2)
  • Commonly Confused Adjectives
  • A Guide on Punctuation
  • Common Writing Mistakes
  • 25 Synoms for ‘Expession’
  • How to: Avoid Misusing Variations of Words
  • Words to Keep Inside Your Pocket
  • The 13 Trickiest Grammar Hang-Ups
  • Other Ways to Say..
  • Proofreading
  • 300+ Sophiscated and Underused Words
  • List of Misused Words
  • Words for Sex
  • 100 Beautiful and Ugly Words
  • Words to Use More Often
  • Alternatives for ‘Smile’ or ‘Laugh’
  • Three Self Editing Tips
  • Words to Use Instead of ‘Walk’, ‘Said’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’
  • Synonyms for Common Words
  • Alternatives for ‘Smile’
  • Transitional Words
  • The Many Faces and Meanings of ‘Said’
  • Synonyms for ‘Wrote’
  • A Case Of She Said, She Said

Creativity Boosters:

  • *Creative Writing Prompts
  • *Ink Provoking
  • *Story Starter
  • *Story Spinner
  • *Story Kitchen
  • *Language is a Virus
  • *The Dabbling Mum
  • Quick Story Idea Generator
  • Solve Your Problems By Simply Saying Them Out Loud
  • Busting Your Writing Rut
  • Creative Acceleration: 11 Tips To Engineer A Productive Flow
  • Writing Inspiration, Or Sex on a Bicycle
  • The Seven Major Beginner Mistakes
  • Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits
  • Free Association, Active Imagination, Twilight Imaging
  • Random Book Title Generator
  • Finishing Your Novel
  • Story Starters & Idea Generators
  • Words to Use More Often
  • How to: Cure Writer’s Block
  • Some Tips on Writer’s Block
  • Got Writer’s Block?
  • 6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block
  • Tips for Dealing With Writer’s Block


  • Improve Your Writing Habits Now
  • 5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Writing
  • Getting Over Roleplaying Insecurities
  • Improve Your Paras
  • Why the Right Word Choices Result in Better Writing
  • 4 Ways To Have Confidence in Your Writing
  • Writing Better Than You Normally Do
  • How’s My Driving?


  • Backhanding procrastination
  • On habits and taking care of yourself || Response
  • More troubles with writing motivation
  • The inner critic and ways to fight it
  • The writing life is hard on us
  • For troubles with starting your story
  • Writing to be published
  • “You’re a writer, will you write this for me?”
  • Writing a story that’s doomed to suck
  • Writing stamina builds slowly
  • When depression goes and writing goes with it
  • Additional inner critic strategies
  • Tips on conquering NaNoWriMo (or any project, really)
  • You will change as a writer
  • Ways to keep writing while in school
  • 13 quick tips when you’re starting your novel
  • First draft blues
  • Getting in your own way 

Writing an Application:

  • How to: Make That Application Your Bitch
  • How to: Make Your App Better
  • How to: Submit a Flawless Audition
  • 10 Tips for Applying
  • Para Sample Ideas
  • 5 Tips on Writing an IC Para Sample
  • Writing an IC Sample Without Escaping From the Bio
  • How to: Create a Worthy IC Para Sample
  • How to: Write an Impressive Para Sample
  • How to: Lengthen Short Para’s


  • Drabble Stuff
  • Prompts List
  • Writing Prompts
  • Drabble Prompts
  • How to Get Into Character
  • Writing Challenges/Prompts
  • A Study in Writing Prompts for RPs
  • Para Prompts & Ideas
  • Writing Prompts for Journal Entries
  • A List of Para Starters
Astrology + Hogwarts Classes

My friend Max and I were talking about the classes we think we’d be best in, and I just had to create a masterpost.

Aries: Defense Against the Dark Arts
I know how absolutely cliche this is, but it’s just perfect for Aries. Not only are they learning something fast-paced, they’re learning something practical. It appeals to their quick-mindedness, but also their desire to succeed.
Taurus: Study of Ancient Runes
I feel like Taurus would just be extremely fascinated by the history of the wizarding world, and would enjoy something antique and interesting like Ancient Runes. 
Gemini: Alchemy
Alchemy is very complex and mechanical, and I feel like a Gemini would be so intrigued by it. Since it’s a specialized subject, they would probably have to take in and learn difficult information quickly, which is perfect.
Cancer: Potions
Potions really suits Cancer, because while it’s pretty mechanical, it can also be a very intuitive art. They would be mesmerized by the actual process of creating and by the possibilities of future potions.
Leo: Flying Lessons
Risky, fun, competitive… Leo all around. They would love the adrenaline rush and work hard to be best in class.
Virgo: Herbology
Herbology is very tedius, earthy, and time consuming, which I think is just perfect for Virgo. My Virgo mother is always planting trees and working in her garden, so it seemed the perfect fit!
Libra: Charms
Why wouldn’t Libra be charms? It’s absolutely perfect for them. It’s entertaining and clever, yet could be used in the real world.
Scorpio: Transfiguration
Transfiguration is difficult and transformative, which just screams Scorpio to me. Plus McGonagall teaches that class, and I think all of the Scorpio students would just adore her dry humor and toughness.
Sagittarius: Care of Magical Creatures
It always irritated me that Hermione and Harry seemed so uninterested in Care of Magical creatures. You are literally seeing creatures out of books you’ve read. I think that Sags would have a natural affinity with animals, and would love learning about them.
Capricorn: Arithmancy
This class is tricky, time consuming, and all around challenging, but fascinating. 100% Cap.
Aquarius: Astronomy 
Aquas would love how this class is informative and scientific, and yet somewhat enigmatic and dreamy. I always associate Aquas with space, so this was an easy fit.
Pisces: Divination 
Pisces would just be all about crystal balls and tea leaf readings. They like the superstitious and subconscious, so they would have a natural affinity for it. I bet a lot of Pisces would end up as Divination professors, fortune tellers, or seers.

For all of you HP nerds out there, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Feel like you need a song to influence you to write a scene or character? Here are a list of Playlists and Songs you can listen to to get you going! 











Supernatural: Greatest Hits >>> [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3]

TEEN WOLF Soundtrack : Seasons 1-3B

Game of Thrones Soundtrack: Seasons 1-3

Her (a Spike Jones love story) Film Soundtrack

Les Misérables Soundtrack

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack

Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack







I’d love to add more (music and fandoms) but let’s just give you this for now! Happy Listening!

ALSO: These (obviously) are not my fanmixes/playlists so give some props to the people who made it! They would love it! Also, if you see your playlist on here and would like it removed, tell me! Thank you!

Look at all these wonderfully gigantic posts with lots of useful information!!

Always let me know if there is a resource you’d like me to put together, and I will add it to the list promptly!  Some of these are many months in the making, but slowly but surely they will all be created!  Enjoy!

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  • apps every productive student needs
  • The Rape Defender app!!!!
  • SafeTrek app!!
  • TalkTo app (social anxiety helper)
  • aggressive dude wont leave you alone?? feminist quote line!
  • websites and extensions
  • affordable dorm room furniture website
  • finding out art sources
  • cheap student travel flights
  • CreepFace
  • BeeLine reader
  • archieveposter!!!
  • post limit checker
  • WolframAlpha
  • Elf ears store
  • Amazon college kid’s prime
  • places to buy cheaper textbooks
  • how to find things you want for cheaper
  • GamePhobias
  • Duolingo
  • livefeed of porn searches??
  • unisex makeup company!!
  • reference manager for term papers
  • games
  • new cool MMO game you should totes play
  • drinking games??
  • alter-ego game
  • 90s games!!!
  • rad multi-fandom game
  • game that tells you what kind of thinker you are!!
  • become the god of the internet and remove trolls game
  • 100 running songs??
  • more running songs
  • studying playlist

thinks you can do to help others!!!

  • help puppies and kitties in need with 1 click
  • help people for different reasons
  • don’t bathe rabbits 
  • cat 'head pressing’ against walls?
  • dog CPR
  • cute undies that send pads to girls in need!!!

calm down friend

  • cute pixel games
  • feeling overwhelmed?
  • cute websites to remember
  • better ways to calm down others
  • for anxiety attacks
  • what to do if friend has panic attack
  • Making a "happy folder”
  • how to not talk to kids???
  • easing depression symptoms
  • more things to do
  • funny websites to use
  • lots of alternatives
  • international help lines
  • tumblr helps with suicide
  • more websites
  • cool game
  • dealing with depression
  • facts about anti-depressants
  • beating anxiety without medicine
  • helpful links masterpost!!
  • what  you feel affects your body temp
  • make sand art to help calm down
  • about panic/anxiety attacks
  • hobbies to reduce anxiety
  • helping someone with an anxiety attack
  • having a bad night?
  • what you SHOULD say to people dealing with disorders
  • think no one cares?
  • how to deal with a broken heart

life hacks and facts

  • life hacks post
  • life hacks post 2
  • life hacks post 3
  • life hacks post 4
  • life hacks post 5
  • life hacks post 6
  • life hacks post 7
  • life hacks post 8
  • psychology facts post
  • psychology facts post 2
  • psych2go post 3
  • ultrafacts post
  • ultrafacts post 2
  • studying ultrafacts post 3
  • pool life hacks??
  • clothing life hacks
  • clothing life hacks 2
  • bra lifehacks!!
  • packing hack
  • dog owners life hacks
  • winged eyeliner hack
  • Target shopper’s hacks
  • Chinese take out box life hack
  • math functions hack
  • makeup with spoon hack
  • losing weight tips
  • self defense tips!!!
  • self defense tips 2
  • cool parenting tips
  • period tips
  • tips and facts you never knew
  • useful websites
  • we have more than 5 senses???
  • 3 theories of time travel
  • 12 foods not to feed to a dog
  • dog’s sight vs humans
  • we’ve been eating fruit wrong lmao
  • 6 abs workouts that work better than crunches
  • 25 ways to show affection
  • 2014 full moon dates
  • stuff nobody tells you about getting an apartment
  • if we lost oxygen for 5 seconds
  • how long would it take to finish a tv show
  • list of band’s fanmail addresses

food-y things

  • apple pie inside of an apple
  • twisted pizza breadsticks
  • the cookie cup
  • giant fluffy pancake
  • cookie in a mug recipe
  • brownie in a mug recipe
  • pizza burger
  • buncha yummy food things
  • The Kim Possible 'Naco"
  • The Tea Wheel
  • Make ramen taste better
  • 36 homemade popiscle recipes
  • 18 recipes you can make in the microwave
  • s'mores stuffed pizza cookie
  • pinata cookies
  • strawberries and cream mug cake
  • starbucks drinks recipes
  • cinnamon pull aparts
  • Funfetti Stuffed Chocolate MM Cookie Cake
  • deep dish chocolate chip microwave cookie
  • 34 two-ingredient recipies
  • TARDIS cake
  • toffee apples
  • Kingdom Hearts II ice cream

drawing and writing things

  • paper to digital art
  • firealpaca art program!!
  • practice drawing poses
  • boot anatomy tutorial
  • coloring hair tutorial
  • glowy art tutorial
  • some art tutorial
  • arm tutorial 
  • girls and guys pose tutorial
  • another pose tutorial
  • more poses tutorials wow
  • drawing hands tutorial
  • pixel art tutorial
  • bunch of tutorials
  • drawing people tutorial
  • drawing heads tutorial
  • drawing Homestuck character’s hair
  • drawing Ariel
  • drawing eyes
  • drawing eyes 2
  • drawing boobs
  • drawing boobs lel
  • drawing rooms
  • drawin dat ass like
  • overlay tutorial
  • gif tutorials
  • coloring gifs
  • pulsing light effect
  • brush masterpost
  • hair colors
  • natural skin tone colors
  • folds in clothing and windblown things
  • simple tips to make your art look better
  • paint tools sai tips
  • tips for tablets
  • more art references
  • how to love your art
  • random drawing generator
  • writing
  • character development sheet
  • incontrovertible insult formula?
  • insult generator
  • character trait generator
  • homestuck troll generator
  • fictional world creator
  • using correct forms for french?
  • typing edit rules?
  • 'thy’ 'thou’ 'thee’ and 'thine’
  • royalty titles
  • cant find the right word?
  • family relations chart
  • writing body language
  • writing outlines
  • inflating and deflating word length
  • england vs us slang
  • eye color chart
  • more eye color names
  • 99 ways to beat writer’s block

how to’s and what to do’s

  • how to recognize artists by their paintings
  • how to track anons
  • how to tie a bowtie
  • how to tie a bowtie 2
  • turn off flashy gifs on tumblr
  • how to remove permanent marker from everything
  • how to help pay off your student loans with volunteer time
  • remove your information from this site now!!
  • how to break out of zipties
  • how to get rid of lint pills
  • how to delete tourists from your pictures
  • how to make a secret computer monitor
  • how to make a otp pendant
  • how to identify body language 
  • how to cut tomatoes effectively
  • how to color eggs with onion shells
  • how to do special effect stage makeup
  • how to disappear online
  • how to buy a good wig off of ebay
  • how to make a mini matchstick pistol
  • how to warped tour
  • how to make an 8-bit valentines day card
  • how to make a presentable art portfolio 
  • how to cover up tattoos
  • how to make your Mind Palace visible
  • how to balance a checkbook
  • how to make a tiny bow and arrow
  • how to make moss graffiti 
  • how to tie scarfs cutely
  • how to effectively pull an all nighter and do well on your exam
  • how to reblog long posts as text rather than links
  • how to pick locks
  • how to multiply large numbers in your head
  • how to make gradient and striped nails
  • how to build the perfect resume
  • how to cast and mold armor for cosplay
  • how to make invisible shoes for cosplay
  • cosplay makeup for guy characters
  • what to watch on netflix
  • learn Japanese cheat sheets c:
  • learn Korean in 15 minutes
  • learn Elvish
  • things to do with notebooks
  • be cremated into a vinyl record
  • 15 kid friendly scientific experiments
  • cool hair do’s
  • acne chart!!
  • college advice
  • binder help for trans guys

sex ed

  • contraceptive help
  • how to use a condom
  • 'ap sex ed’
  • sex positions???
  • Yvis’s facts about the va-jay-jay
Things my family taught me:

-How to wash clothes: cold water, detergent and oxi-clean, fabric softener, put it on whatever cycle the fabric says on the tag. Listen to the tag for two washes, then it should be safe to test other cycles, as long as you’re willing to take the risk.
-Check the washing instructions before you buy the clothes. Only buy something you need to wash on delicate if you love it so much you’re willing to do two loads of laundry just to have it.
-It’s okay to have a pajama day once a week or so, but always take a shower and put on clean pajamas at the end of the day (if clean pajamas are available)
-Add a little bit of vanilla to pancake mix, and use milk instead of water. They’ll taste like they’re made from scratch.
-Quick healthy meal for one: take a slice of bread, cut it into cubes. Mix two eggs with a pinch of salt and some milk, cook the bread in butter in a frying pan, add eggs. Scrambled eggs and breadcubes. It’s also sensory-friendly!
-Find time to do what you love, even if it just means drawing for ten minutes in the middle of the night.
-Have an animal at every opportunity.
-Marinate steak in soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and red wine.
-if you can’t have an animal, go over to your local shelter and spend as much time as you can with the animals there. They’re all starved for attention.
-Seriously, wash your clothes in cold water. That way you don’t have to check if it’s safe to wash them in warm or not.
-wash bedsheets (and towels) in hot water. It kills any possibility of bedbugs.
-Always put your keys in the same place. Ours is a dish on a table right when you walk in from the garage.
-Vacuum at least every other week. Don’t let dust settle, you’ll be sneezing up a storm.
-Macaroni and cheese is a perfectly acceptable meal
-have a day job as a backup plan if you’re trying to get your start.
-when you feel like crap, take a shower and use the fanciest soap you have to clean yourself. Sing, cry, plot in the shower. It’s your safe haven.
-good food is the best way to get everyone happy and smiling.

All of In The Flesh in Google Drive format.

It’s just easier to use, especially if your internet is as slow as mine!

Just a note though, please please don’t reblog this. Just send the link and let people like it. If it gets on Tumblr’s radar it could be really bad for me. They’ve shut blogs down for more innocent things. Thank you!!

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Niall Horan; professional third wheel- a masterpost

This is a masterpost dedicated to Niall being both a professional third wheel and an intense larry shipper (most of the time both).
None of the images used are mine please dont kill me for using them

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Art References and Tutorials

Art Tools and Tutorials Masterpost


  • Art Tutorials [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [Enliighten] [Ctrl+Paint] [ArtGraphica] [Drawspace] [DragoArt] [Lineart]

  • Painting Tutorial

  • Make an Animated Film

  • Turn Paper Art Into Digital

  • Skeleton Drawing Tool

  • Anatomy Help [More 1] [More 2]

  • Pixel Art [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4]

  • WetCanvas Artist Forums


  • Profile Anatomy [More 1]

  • Heads [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4]

  • Face Tutorial [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 6] [More 7] [Beards]

  • Expressions [More 1] [More 2]

  • Ears [More 1]

  • Noses [More 1] [More 2]

  • How To Draw Mouths [More 1] [Kissing]

  • Lips [More 1] [More 2]

  • Eyes [More 1] [More 2] [Manga] [Pixel]


  • Hair Tutorial [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5] [More 6] [More 8] [More 9] [More 10]

  • Male Hairstyles [More 1]

  • Curly Hair [More 1]

  • Braids [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Pixel Hair Tutorial


  • Body Anatomy [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Boobs in Shirts

  • Male Body [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Drawing Torsos [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [Abs]

Arms and Hands

  • Hand Tutorial [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5] [More 6]

  • Hand Gestures [More 1]

  • Arm Tutorial [More 1] [More 2]

  • Forearms

  • Arm Movement

Feet and Legs

  • Foot Tutorial [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4]

  • Knees [More 1]

  • Butts and Thighs Tutorial

Clothing and Accessories

  • Drawing Folds [More 1] [More 2]

  • Clothing Tutorial [More 1]

  • Hoods [More 1]

  • Flower Crown

  • Helmets and Hats

  • Armour Tutorial

  • Jeans

  • Tights

  • Boots

  • Plaid Tutorial

  • Lace Tutorial


  • Tutorial on Creature Design [More 1]

  • Canines

  • Wings [More 1] [Folded]

  • Bat Wings on Humans

  • Pegasus Wings

  • Animal Legs on Humans

  • Dragon Tutorial

  • Dragon Wing Tutorial

  • Dragon Hands and Feet Tutorial

  • Dragon Mouth Tutorial

  • Dragon Head Tutorial [More 1]

  • Dragon Scales

  • Clawed Hand Tutorial

  • Basic Horn Tutorial

  • Sauropod Tutorial

  • How to Draw Centaurs

  • Werewolf Anatomy

Animals and Insects

  • Basic Animal Anatomy

  • Animal Noses

  • Paw Tutorial

  • Fur Tutorial [More 1] [More 2]

  • Ponies

  • Horse Tutorial [More 1] [Hooves] [Legs]

  • Dog Tutorial [More 1] [Leg]

  • Drawing a Wolf [Paw] [Head]

  • Drawing Cats

  • Feline Comparison

  • Big Cat Paw Tutorial

  • Cat Faces Tutorial

  • Lion Head Tutorial

  • Snow Leopard Tutorial

  • Tiger Tutorial

  • Fox Tutorial

  • Rabbit Drawing Tips

  • Rat Tutorial

  • Owl Anatomy

  • Feather Tutorial

  • Bear Anatomy

  • Butterfly Tutorial


  • Glowing Stuff

  • How to Draw 3D Rooms [More 1]

  • Gun Ref

  • Slime Tutorial

  • Chain Tutorial

  • Gemstone Tutorial

  • Bullet Metal Tutorial

  • Lightsaber Tutorial

  • Gold Coin Tutorial

  • Jewel Tutorial


  • Tree Tutorial

  • How to Create Stars (With Photoshop)

  • Stars Tutorial

  • How to Draw Ice [More 1]

  • Cloud Painting [More 1] [More 1]

  • Shadow Help

  • Painting blood

  • How to Draw a Rose

  • Simple Roses

  • Grass Tutorial [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Bush Tutorial

  • Rain Tutorial

  • Water Tutorial

  • Underwater Tutorial

  • Fire Tutorial

  • Snow Tutorial

  • Light Tutorial

  • Light Sparkle Tutorial

  • Mountain Tutorial

  • Another Mountain Tutorial

  • Moon Tutorial

  • How to Draw a Apple

  • Strawberry Tutorial


  • Drawing References [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5] [More 6][More 7]

  • Beautiful Scenery [Galleries] [Water] [Institute]

  • Clothing References [More 1] [More 2] [Folds] [Baseball Cap] [Skirt] [Hat]

  • Eye References [Eyebrow]

  • Lips Reference

  • Ear References [More 1]

  • Expression Reference

  • Kissing Reference [More 1]

  • Hairstyle References [More 1]

  • Arms Reference [More 1]

  • Knees reference

  • Hands and Feet Reference [Hand] [Feet]

  • Realistic Woman Body Reference [More 1]

  • Male Reference [Nude]

  • Kneeling and Sitting [More 1]

  • Nude Anatomy References [More 1] [More 2]

  • Pose References [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Feline References [More 1]

  • Wings

Creepy and Cool Art References

  • Marc Quinn, Frozen Blood

  • Cardboard Creations

  • Post It Monsters

  • Fantasy Mermaid Sculptures

  • Urban Decay Photographs

  • Duane Michel

  • Choi Xoo Ang

  • The Grotesque Work of Lee Dong Wook

  • Melted Casette Tape Skeletons

  • Cabinet of Monstrosities

  • Creepy Sculpture Park

  • Bodies of Wisdom

  • The Ride

  • Feather Child

  • Gem Stone Skulls

  • Plastic Utensil Sculpture

  • Ceramic Lady Gore

  • Realistic Action Figures

  • William

  • Statue of Saint Bartholomew

  • Statue of Prince of Orange

  • Grave of Italino

  • Burned Out

helloo everyone!!!
after having my studybr for now 3-4ish months, i have seen many many many masterposts with tips for new studyblrs and i decided to make one myself after reaching 3.5k recently c:
i’m hoping to make this short and sweet so if you have any other questions to do with making a studyblr, don’t be afraid to ask me privately!!


  • one of the first things people see/notice about your studyblr and any tumblr in general is your url.
  • many people like to use their name and add “studies” or “study” or something to do with learning at the end as their url
  • however the above option may not be available for you since you have a pretty common name so finding something unique is important
  • incorporate something you like to your url!! like maybe you like cheese, your url could be ‘cheesystudies’
  • i personally chose to use a word which is to do with studying (academic) and added an extra letter based on how the word is pronounced, so for myself, i added a ‘h’ to make ‘acadehmic’ 
  • remember short and simple (unlike my masterposts lmaO)
  • also i like to think that your url is your identity here, so like people know me as acadehmic (i hope) and people know popular studyblrs from their urls


  • a great, easy to navigate theme is very appealing for many and is one of the ways for people to find resources etc.
  • i personally love the theme makers:
  • a tags page is v important for those who post things as your followers may use your blog as a resource blog and it would make their lives 100x easier when looking for things
  • i like to include a faq page so then my followers can go there before asking questions in case i have already answered their question there and then i don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again

ok i’ve made the blog… what now?

  • make an introductory post!!
    • tell everyone your name, age, what you are studying, what you are interested in, who inspired you to make the studyblr and why you made it!
    • an introductory post is a way for others to have a small insight to your blog
    • make sure to tag it with #studyspo #studyblr and even tag studyblrs and their tracked tags as you may not have many or any followers yet so you need to get your blog out there and known!
  • post original content (woooooo)
    • please don’t repost, reblog!! (its our hard work)
    • post whatever you are interested in, whatever you are studying in ways that you enjoy
    • take pictures of your notes, your studyspace (area you study in), your revision guides, or even take photos of the library you’re studying in!!
    • make masterposts and printables hehe
    • share your knowledge and tips, for example if you have learnt spanish or chinese for 10 years and am almost fluent and have picked up on some apps or tips and tricks, share them with the community!!
    • you can take part in the #100daysofproductivity!
  • tag studyblrs in your tags!
    • many studyblrs track tags and they will reblog posts if they have been tagged with their specific tracked tag
    • mine is #acadehmic (i check everyday and reblog everything as long as it relates to studying)
    • your favourite studyblrs probably track a tag so go check out their blog and find out what their tracked tag is!
  • interact!
    • message your favourite studyblrs or any studyblrs and develop friendships with people!
    • some people like to host blog awards or blog rates, join in or make your own!
    • join some study networks such as @studyblrindex c:

my masterposts:

try not to focus too much on the aesthetics and aiming for pretty notes, if it helps you to make pretty notes then make them but as long as you are studying, you are a great studyblr!

again, i have rambled on and on in this masterpost but i hope i hoped heh
studygram : acadehmic

CC Masterposts

Some of the best sources for finding the history of everything CrissColfer. If you have or know of a masterpost not included please let us know! 

*** = Possible mentions of M or W

***A CrissColfer Masterpost
A Very CrissColfer Video Masterpost
Early CrissColfer Masterpost
CrissColfer Pictures Masterpost
CrissColfer links and pics
Timeline of Events
***Recent Masterpost
Who Will Break First?- Glee Live Skits
Darren is Free Pav
Other People’s CrissColfer Reactions
Broadway Babies Body Language
***Coincidences Sequel- Soulmates
***Hedwig 6/9/15 CC Riot Summary
Relationship Moments
CC Mystery Game
How to Tell if a Guy Likes You
Symptoms of Love
***Why It’s Real
***mleigh69 CrissColfer Hiatus 100
Physical Reactions
***mleigh69 Popular Posts 

Photo-shop free punk edit tutorial.

Hello Lovelies!

This tutorial if for anyone who wants to make punk edits but doesnt want to download any form of photoshop for various reasons,  virus risk etc (Note that you will have to save an image of the person you want to edit, and the tattoos/ eyelashes you want to use)

This tutorial will include : How to put tattoos on the image. How to put pericings on the image. How to change hair color, and  how to put eyelashes/ eye make up on the image.

Lets get started then :D

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