Were almost at 100 followers! Thank you guys so much, you help with our inspiration everyday. To celebrate, every day of this week we’ll be posting one of the characters, a little bit about them, and their favorite memory. Today is, Thane. Youngest child of Commander Shepard and Major Kaidan Alenko, Thane is the artist of the children. Shes not a fan of fighting which can be good and bad. Shes a sweet girl who looks up to her older sister, Ashley and loves to pick on her brother, Anderson. She is a biotic and has been trained by her father, liara, samara, jack and attended grissom academy for a time
Her best memory is from when she lived on the Normandy SR-2 with the crew and her family for a few months when she was only six. She remembers painting on Jokers walls thinking it would brighten up his mood but instead was caught, literally, red handed by Kaidan. Her father tried to clean up the evidence with Thanes help but were soon caught by Joker. Joker was livid at first until he gave in and instead of cleaning it up he joined, Thane in painting his room. Edi greatly approved.

Mass Effect 3 - There is still hope for this cycle

For me, one of the most touching conversations in Mass Effect 3. I will not insist him to look into the Echo Shard again…

Javik: The future is still out there. It is something my people could never say: there will be a tomorrow.
Shepard: Only if we win today.
Javik: No one else has ever made it this far.
Shepard: You came a long way, Javik. Further than anyone else here.
Javik: And I look forward to fulfill my mission.
But you are now the avatar of this cycle. The exemplar of victory. Not just for humanity, or turians, or Protheans–but for all life. Every soul that has ever existed is watching this moment.
Shepard: Well, no pressure when you put it that way.
Javik: Do not waver. Victory is never won without difficult choices.
Shepard: I know. I’ve had to make a lot of those.
Javik: There may be more. But I know you will see this through for all of us–no matter the cost.
Shepard: If we actually pull this off, what will you do afterwards?
Javik: Seeing the past again in the Echo Shard… the faces of my men…
I will go to the Cronian Nebula and I will find their graves. I will put their ghosts to rest, and then I will join them.
Shepard: You mean…
Javik: It is as it should be, Commander. The last Prothean voice has spoken. There is no more left to say.
Here. (passes out the Echo Shard) The Shard is now yours. Add to it. The progeny of this cycle will study it.

Digital painting - made by GIMP :D (for real. I know that this is a photo editing software, but I like painting with it.)