mine:mass effect

I love when EDI is unshackled and instead of being all cliche AI evil, she just starts referring to people by their first names and starts acting really familiar with everyone and less formal

Like it’s not “now I am unrestrained and can rule you all” it’s “now I am unrestrained and can be everyone’s friend!”

Some fluffy Shakarian things to think about for when you need cheering up

For the amazing @zendelai (and others that could use it!)


Garrus’ adopted kids building a fort and they ask him for help and he is more than happy to oblige but he takes it WAY too literally and Shepard is just like GARRUS NO.

Garrus trying to work out what the hell a hula-hoop is

Garrus trying to hula-hoop

Garrus reading to his kids but putting on voices and EVEN ACCENTS

Garrus pranking Shepard with sneaky little traps that set off paint bombs or confetti or silly little things

Garrus chasing after their kids

Garrus playing hide and seek with them

Shepard isn’t home and one of the toddlers has a poo explosion

Garrus with puppies

Garrus with puppies snuggled in his cowl

Garrus having a tea party with his daughter