mysteryman has been found out

Hey! Meet Pete Nappi.

Pete is a songwriter/producer at Arthouse Entertainment. He specializes in pop writing/production, electronics/trance and film scoring.

Pete has written and produced cuts released by Shinedown and Faroeh. Songs in progress with: Kesha, Santigold, Meghan Trainor, Shinedown, The Veronicas, and Mark Ronson.

Pete also performs with Ocean Park Standoff (with DJ Samantha Ronson, aka Mark’s little sister & Lindsay Lohan’s former flame. Let’s keep shit incestuous, shall we?) 

Is he maybe an indication of the sound of the next Mars album?

Is he maybe scoring Great Wide Open (tho, honestly, it seems bizarre it wouldn’t be Jared’s own work…) or maybe overseeing its score production (more likely)?

Time will tell what sort of influence young Peter is having upon all of this (dearleto please sooner rather than later), but so far, we can report he’s def been hiking up a storm in the desert with The Leto & galpals (ok and Stevie & Jamie, but like, kinda the same thing). Experiencing moons and sunsets and tiedye onesies….

February 9, 2016-transformation is the main theme today, change your mind, your feelings, your path and who you attach yourself to, be your own priority.

The Moon slides into psychic Pisces this morning, leading us away from a detached emotional sense of thought to fully allowing ourselves to be immersed in feelings, spirit and intuition. Our main focus today is compassion, forgiveness, love and healing. Instincts are front and center plus fairly focused even if our brains are not quite engaged because we are day-dreamy. We have 3 semi-squares to Pluto, Uranus, and Venus that can bring you down to a deep, dark place where you can reach for old wounds, hurts or pain and shift them into a healing place with loving care. We become better able to flex our sense of fair play, be fluid in decision making and also have the ability to protect ourselves from new pain.

Mars trines Chiron this afternoon, providing us with even more opportunity to rid yourself of whatever no longer serves you, move forward, shed your skin, shed hurtful people, shed whomever and whatever drags you down. Release, cleanse, change your direction it’s mighty empowering. Mars gives you a no fear, brave feeling, boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

The Moon aligns with Neptune and semi-squares Mercury delving us further into the foggy headed, creative depths of our soul where we try to make sense of our emotions, and what is happening around us. We may not be able to clear our heads until Thursday with all the planetary waves surrounding us but we will hatch some brilliant ideas. Speak your mind, express your emotions, ask for truth.

Tonight we begin to feel a Venus and Rx Jupiter trine exact early tomorrow, that will help us move our dreams forward, remember past great ideas or loves and work on them now. We may feel more positive than usual, cooperation comes easily yet we may be a touch overindulgent.

Again we need roots but also fire chakra support. Carry a yellow topaz, carnelian and a garnet, make a grapefruit,ginger, ylang ylang and myrrh essential oil blend. Add backbends and hip flexing poses like pigeon to your yoga practice today.  Tarot cards: The Star and Temperance, meditate and stay mindful.


NASA promotes space tourism in retro new posters

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has released three retro posters that it commissioned to promote space tourism.

Designed by the creative team at Invisible Creatures, the images are for NASA’s ‘Visions of the Future’ calendar for 2016, which is given as a gift by the agency to staff and associates.

Each poster offers a glimpse of what holidays in space may be sold as in the future.

Solar System: 5 Things To Know This Week

This month you can catch a rare sight in the pre-dawn sky: five planets at once! If you look to the south (or to the north if you’re in the southern hemisphere) between about 5:30 and 6 a.m. local time you’ll see Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter lined up like jewels on a necklace. They’re beautiful in the sky, and even more fascinating when you look closely.

This week we’re taking a tour of the planets with recent information about each:

1. Artistic License

Craters on Mercury are named for writers and artists of all kinds. There are Tolstoy, Thoreau and Tolkien craters, for example, as well as those that bear the names of the Brontës, photographer Dorothea Lange and dancer Margot Fonteyn. See the complete roster of crater names HERE.

2. Lifting the Veil of Venus

A thick covering of clouds made Venus a mystery for most of human history. In recent decades, though, a fleet of robotic spacecraft has helped us peer past the veil and learn more about this world that is so like the Earth in some ways — and in some ways it’s near opposite.

3. Curious?

Have you ever wanted to drive the Mars Curiosity rover? You can take the controls using our Experience Curiosity simulation. Command a virtual rover as you explore the terrain in Gale Crater, all using real data and images from Mars. Try it out HERE.

4. Now That’s a Super Storm

Winter weather often makes headlines on Earth — but on Jupiter there’s a storm large enough to swallow our entire planet several times over. It’s been raging for at least three hundred years! Learn about the Great Red Spot HERE.

5. Ring Watcher

This week, the Cassini spacecraft will be making high-resolution observations of Saturn’s entrancing rings. This is a simulated look at Saturn, along with actual photos of the rings from the Cassini mission.

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Good workouts for the signs!
  • Check mars!
  • Aries:running, it's a good way to let out tension and anger weighing on your mind.
  • Taurus:strength, lifting weights or punching bags will help you let out the things you hold back.
  • Gemini:biking, something calming that can let you relax and take the world in.
  • Cancer:yoga, helps stretch you body, makes you feel more connected to yourself.
  • Leo:dancing, a good way to shake things off and start off a week.
  • Virgo:Pilates, a little more vigorous then yoga, gets your heart beat up, let's out anything you may be carrying.
  • Libra:cardio, something to get you moving and thinking less.
  • Scorpio:hiking, it gets you in touch with nature and it relives you of overwhelming feelings.
  • Sagittarius:sports, something with a bit of s competition that gets your mind busy and your body working.
  • Capricorn:walking, just an added walk in your day around the park may help you relax and stress less.
  • Aquarius:jogging or treadmill, you really need an energetic work out to get all of that hyped up energy out of you.
  • Pisces:swimming, something that relaxes your body and let's you feel light, takes off any heaviness you may have been feeling.