Moons of Mars

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, which are thought to be captured asteroids. Both satellites were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall and are named after the characters Phobos (panic/fear) and Deimos (terror/dread) who, in Greek mythology, accompanied their father Ares, god of war, into battle. Ares was known as Mars to the Romans.

“He(Caucasian) is making instruments to look at the civilization on #Mars. WHEN he sees what is on Mars he won’t see any mark of his. It’s our(Blacks) Mars and our people, so God taught me.

He(Caucasian) didn’t know that they(#Martians) were there until just a few days ago. He used to look at Mars and just call it a star.

Our Fathers made it with some type of intelligent beings like ourselves.

They are not animals.

They(Martians) are intelligent people.

The marks that we see on Mars are not from ignorant, silly, uncivilized people.

They show signs of civilization and they look something similar to us(Black Man).

Not exactly, but they look similar.

They walk on two feet and they are not white folks.

That shows you and teaches you that on This planet (Earth) the Black man is the first.

We don’t find ANY planet coming with a super civilization over us.

The Martian people have civilization but it is not equal to ours, so God taught me. We are their superior.

They are superior in trying to live a long time over us. They live, so God taught me, in the Person of #MasterFardMuhammad, 1,200 of our Earth years.

We sit around here and think we are living some time when we get to 50.” Honorable #ElijahMuhammad: Theology of Time


mars in the houses and their vibes

this is observations of mars in the houses and the vibes they can give off in relation to their appeal

mars in 1st: tender/seductive vibe (the ultimate example(s): brad pitt, johnny depp, megan fox, lucy lawless, vanessa hudgens)

mars in 2nd: sly/cunning vibe (the ultimate example(s): scarlett johansson, winona ryder, will smith, robert downey jr, leonardo dicaprio)

mars in 3rd: youthful, playful vibe (the ultimate example(s): miley cyrus, cameron diaz, justin bieber,  katy perry, lana del rey, harry styles) 

mars in 4th: aloof vibe (the ultimate example(s): jason bateman, amy winehouse, lady gaga, lenny kravitz, michelle williams)

mars in 5th: mischievous vibe (the ultimate example(s): george clooney, emma watson, pamela anderson, james dean, zayn malik)

mars in 6th: down-to-earth, genuine vibe (the ultimate example(s): tom hanks, julia roberts, audrey hepburn, jake gyllenhaal)

mars in 7th: accommodating/simply charming vibe (the ultimate example(s): chris evans, natalie portman, justin timberlake, tina turner, bruno mars)

mars in 8th: mysterious/perplexing vibe (the ultimate example(s): lindsay lohan, marilyn monroe, emma stone, bruce willis, paul walker, zooey deschanel)

mars in 9th: wild child, free spirit vibe (the ultimate example(s): kate hudson, angelina jolie, rihanna, zac efron, matthew mcconaughey)

mars in 10th: authoritative/assertive vibe (the ultimate example(s): beyonce, uma thurman, ryan gosling, kanye west, kate moss, john cena) 

mars in 11th: girl/boy next door vibe (the ultimate example(s): liv tyler, nick jonas, liam payne, rachel bilson, meryl streep, meg ryan)

mars in 12th: wholesome/’innocent’ vibe (the ultimate example(s): ariana grande, heath ledger, jennifer garner, joseph gordon-levitt, hayden panettiere)