If anyone knows of any rooms available in Melbourne that are safe for an anxious trans woman could you let me know? Maybe reblog this post if you think it’ll help? I’m starting to get pretty worried I won’t be able to find anywhere.

Spending ANZAC day celebrating and not criticising the systems that sent those people to die is disgusting tbh. Like, even if we ignore that they were invading sovereign territory that posed no threat to Australia or New Zealand, killing ten times more Turkish soldiers than ANZACs and that the first great war of this nation where it was established on the continuing genocide of the hundreds of nations that existed here before is entirely ignored by mainstream Australian culture, it’s super gross. Gallipoli was a terrible, failed campaign on bad intelligence. ANZACs and Indian soldiers were sent to die in a battle they could not win for the militaristic political machinations of an empire with no moral legitimacy being told the same bullshit story about “the honour and glory of war” that we’re unironically regurgitating today. “The ANZAC legend” was literally made up by the military and political elite to convince young men to go and die murdering foreigners to further their misguided foreign policy and it’s still propaganda today. Why are we celebrating these lies to “honour the memories” of the people that they killed?

Preview:  Wednesday 2nd March

On Wednesday’s Emmerdale, Aaron grows suspicious of Robert - but is it for the wrong reasons?

Robert panics when Ryan arrives in the pub saying that he can’t go through with the lie about Gordon. As Robert wins him around by offering him more cash, Aaron arrives and look’s dismayed to see him with another guy.

Will Robert admit what he’s actually been up to?