“They’re cousins, so this kind of story was inevitable.”

“When I try thinking about this after drawing, I think that using part of your body as a ring like that would be a big deal! When they officially said Inkling hair was like sashimi, I casually thought of this. Not in a yandere kind of way! Just as a heartwarming yuri thing! Callie and Marie’s English names form together to say calamari (AKA squid rings)! I think that they would be incredible lesbians!!!”

Original pictures by Chichiband. Permission given to post.

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Sorry for being late with this but, Happy Birthday @agent-7-at-your-service

I hope you had a wonderful day and don’t mind me drawing Agent 7 with Marie under the stars for some alone time~

It’s nearly time for the final Splatfest! (I’m so sad it’s actually ending so soon)

I do love both Squid Sisters, but over time Marie’s personality made her more interesting out of the two. Plus I’ve mostly picked her side each time, so it was a no-brainer - Go Team Sass Marie!

Let’s make this Splatfest go out with a bang and have as much fun as we can!!