SINOBUG - Chinese Insects and Spiders is the entomological photoblog of an Australian expat living in China. All of the images appearing in this blog are drawn from 15450 images on my Flickr site, itchydogimages.

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This beautiful Zale lunata (Lunate Zale) is a moth of the Erebidae family. These moths are fairly common along the east coast, and love to feed at bait as it’s doing in this photo. The Lunate Zale has the longest flight time of any Zale in the east, flying from April to October. This photo was taken in early September in Plymouth MA. Fun fact: the genus of this moth isn’t pronounced Zale, but rather ZA-lee. #erebidae #mothing #photography #macro #bait #Zale #zalelunata #lunatezale

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