After a few month of delay finally I’m back. Whats new? I started my PhD studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and from now on I will work on the total synthesis of natural products. This means a completely new type of chemistry compared to the previous years, but hopefully it will be adorable as I expect it.

So let’s start blogging from the beauty of chemistry: Crystals of a highly fluorescent complex derived from a triaryl phosphine and copper-iodide.

The interesting in this compound is that this complex glows green (as seen) if it’s crystallized. However if the crystals are smashed, they glow yellowish and if they are cooled under -100 °C they also emit a different wavelength. However for now they are photographed under UV light at room temperature just as they crystallized. The first picture is the original, the other two is cropped to see truly unique details of the crystals.  

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