Let The Right One In/Let Me In (spoilers)

I just need to have a minor rant.

This is sort of irrelevant to the fact that I don’t like Let Me In. It just seems a bit ridiculous to me that the filmmakers clearly hadn’t paid enough attention to LTROI and almost certainly hadn’t read the book (which I would consider basic research when doing a remaking). Eli is not a girl, so why on earth is the LMI version of her called Abby? I could understand that they didn’t want a massive back story for the character as in the novel, but LTROI even showed that Eli was a castrated male. 

It is kinda important to the story. Oskar loves Eli whether he or she is male or female, human or vampire. 

I might even sort of get it if they’d at least given Abby a more androgynous name (Alex or Sam would’ve been perfectly adequate) so that those who’d read the book or even watched LTROI would feel it was true to the story, but in choosing the name Abby they got rid of any ambiguity and made the character well and truly a girl.

This annoys me to no end, because if you’re going to make a remake it is kind of vital that you stick to the same story. It might as well be fan fiction if you’re going to practically replace a character.

Let the right one in | Jasmine & Harry

Harry couldn’t help but laugh as he made his way over to the balcony doors, to let Jasmine in again for the second night in a row. Opening the door, he stuck his head out and looked at her with a small laugh “Well come on then” he smiled, pushing the door open wide enough for her to slip in. As he closed the door behind her he walked up behind her and picked her up tossing her over his shoulder “To the bedroom we go!” he chanted as he walked to the bedroom.