Okay… This place is damn huge. Has 11 “shops”, 5 apartments, and one studio office. 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms in the apartments (and more bathrooms in the shops). Fully furnished with no CC but uses GTW, Outdoor Retreat, and Luxury Stuff. 

  • Garden and gem shop
  • Wedding boutique
  • Bakery
  • Bath and Bodyworks-type-shop-thing
  • Tea Cafe
  • Asian-y Style Restaurant/Lounge
  • Music Store
  • Yoga Studio
  • Classic Restaurant
  • Photography Studio
  • Bookstore

If you plan to play this lot, I’d recommend nabbing this locked doors mod, because townies will go up in the apartments and shit. 

You CAN play this lot, technically. You can always buy the lot as a retail lot and just stay there, using the apartment(s) above.

Tray Files

Also on Origin
ID: thetussler

More pics under cut, and thanks to everyone that came to stream ;_;♥

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s/o to another house on the gallery I just messed around with… idek why. cc free. won’t be uploading tray files. 2br 2bath, with study and gym.

Origin ID: thetussler


OKAY lots part ¼. 

A coffee shop and clothes store, made for Magnolia Promenade.
BTWWW UGH I realized the roof clips in Etoile by the window above the front door and I didn’t go back to fix it… OTL Um but it can be easily fixed by reducing the roof length… Ugh sorry I’m a dumbass.

Uses just one piece of CC, not included:
JSBoutique Shoes

This one also might get a more-CC’d version someday, but today is not that day.

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Also on Origin
ID: thetussler


Wanted to fill the Magnolia Blossom Park with my own creation so have this, Wane Gardens. o/ Has a fishing pond, playground, wedding area, a small building with a bar and music/mic inside in sort of a wedding reception style, community garden, plenty of seating and grills, chess… The normal.

Comes with either no or minimal CC, but for the CC version:
Old Mill Ivy converted by Veranka
Jars of Electric Fireflies converted by Omorfi-Mera

Origin ID: thetussler