the signs as crazy pink floyd stories

aries: when David and Roger were absolutely high while ’ Live at Pompeii ’ intervievs  and they unsuccessfully tried to hide it

taurus: when they baked cookies with marijuana for Nazz as a part of the joke and got Alice Cooper stoned for the very first time ( he fell off stage while singing ) 

gemini: when Syd wore full makeup & his girlfriend’s dress and when rest of band went to pick him up for a show , Roger asked him “ what the hell ? ” & he just said “ I’m a homosexual ” and been gay for a couple of days / weeks 

cancer: when David drove on a motocycle through the middle of an exlusive restaurant and every guest was too scared to say something so they were just watching him

leo: when Roger smashed his bass guitar into small pieces on stage because Syd’s behavior pissed him off and the audience started clapping and screaming because they thought it was exclusive performance

virgo: when Dave stucked his middle finger up at the fan and told him to “fuck off” because the fan was waving a Roger Waters t-shirt from the front row 

libra : when Syd and Roger almost killed themselves because they were racing with their friend sitting together on Roger’s motorbike and they were totally drunk so they broke the tire and didn’t even notice that 

scorpio:  when police arrested David and Syd because they were singing and playing guitars in the middle of the street

sagittarius: when they pulled a gigantic flying pig called Algie from auction because they loved him too much 

capricorn: when Syd recorded himself and his girlfriend having sex and gave it to his friend saying “ You need to watch it ! ’‘ 

aquarius: when Nick and Roger slept with some random groupies and they remembered about just when they started to live in one apartment with their loving wives

pisces: When Roger took LSD for the very first time and  was accidentaly tripping for 2 days straight

Who's got your hand on the button now

[ when I’m small - phantogram ]


Zhengxi had put a lot of thought into this.

After finally deciding he was going to do it. he wanted it to be good.

The realistic option was to just wait until they were together in his room, that was where they were together the majority of the time.

He could drag him back up to the mountain to their spot, but their entire friendship was a cliche, and that seemed like an easy out.

The park they went to would be appropriate.

Was he really going to do this?
This wasn’t a game.

This wasn’t something to joke about, not at this point.

He was in or out.

He didn’t need Jian Yi to tell him that.

He was in.

It hadn’t been an easy thing to get his head around, but he was in.

He had so many things he needed to thank Jian Yi for, to apologize for, but at a certain point, a sincere thank you a heartfelt apology seemed less and less significant.

In a way, it seemed like things had changed slowly.

But in all honestly, it had hit him like a brick.

Jian Yi watched him. He knew that. He felt Jian Yi’s eyes on him more often that not. But, one day, he turned his attention back.

He watched his best friend talk to some classmates.

He watched him laugh and joke, all the while, looking away.

One day, for the God knows how many times, Jian Yi was interrupted by some bouncy, nervous girl literally stepping between the two of them. Jian Yi sighed and just walked off.

Zhengxi moved the girl aside by the shoulders and slowly followed him in, hardly needing an excuse to go to the restroom.

He watched Jian Yi enter a stall, slide down to the floor, and cry,

This was his fault. He was letting this happen.

He was letting his best friend hurt like this.

It had to be good.

The hallway began to fill with people coming back from break.

He was approached by friends, classmates, the same cavalcade of girls.

They wanted the same thing.
It was up to him.

It was up to Zhengxi to end this.
Right here.

That’s how he would stop them.
They’ll think he’s gay.

And that’s fine.

Maybe he was gay.

Maybe he was straight.

Maybe he was a fucking radish.

Maybe he was whatever it took to love his best friend.

Maybe he didn’t give a shit anymore.

He waited until Jian Yi left the bathroom, until he composed himself.

He held Jian Yi’s head in his hands. He waited until Jian Yi gave him a small smile.

He waited until he knew they had everyone’s attention.

He kissed his best friend, and didn’t break away until he knew he’d gotten a reaction from the crowd.

Zhengxi pulled away, pressing their foreheads together.

If not now, when?

‘I love you, Jian Yi. I love you, and I’m sorry.