“You’re not bringing a wolf inside my house to sleep. I know what happened in Little Red Riding Hood.”  - my grandma

。 ◕‿◕。

Lorne is eight weeks old here and he is meeting my grandma’s dog for the first time inside of an enclosed patio. We just flew across the country to visit and the only thing that makes me smile more than this is taking him through TSA. ▒


Lorne and I have a list on Netflix for nature documentaries that feature some good herd movement. American Bison are his favorite. He stares at the TV with such intensity.

By now I think he understands they are not together dimensionally. But that just makes him more fixated and somehow dissolving all laws of physics to get at them.

He always goes to check behind the TV eventually. As if they are going to run out the other side. Then goes back to staring and drooling. He’s just so happy to get to maaaaybe or should I say he’s so


ok LORNE. you have to let it go. THEY ARE NOT IN THE THIRD DIMENSION. you cannot. no. not even the little one.