“Oh you know what I’m talking about. In this city you better learn to get along, ‘cause L.A’s got it all. The glamour and the grit, the big breaks and the heartaches, the sweet young lovers and the nasty, ugly, hairy fiends that suck out your brain through your face. It’s all part of the big, wacky variety show we call Los Angeles. You never know what’s coming next. And let’s admit it folks: isn’t that why we love it?”


Host:  Love the coat.  It’s all about the coat.  Welcome to Caritas.  You know what that means?

Angel:  It’s Latin for mercy.

Host:  Smart and cute.  How about gracing us with a number?

Angel:  I don’t sing.

Host:  Neither does Mordar the Bentback! That cat’s a foghorn on two legs. This isn’t about your pipes, bro.  It’s about your spirit.  I can’t read you unless you sing!

Angel:  I don’t sing. Who’s the boss here?

Host:  I know you’re feeling smooth, in the groove.  Isn’t that the thing that comes before a fall?

Angel: There are three things I don’t do: Tan, date and sing in public!

Host:  See you around. How fabulous would I look in that coat?

omg today I had two random but wicked thoughts and I need them to happen.

1. I was thinking about Granada!Watson ironing his clothes and he was wearing boxers/camisole & sock garters and Holmes was looking at him intensely, smoking his pipe. (fanart anyone?)

2. Donna was at The Caritas and was singing a song and Lorne had a vision of her past with the Doctor and it knocked him out and he fainted. (Some months after the Doctor wiped her memory of him maybe) (fanfic anyone?)