Do I come from an acting family? No, not at all. My older sisters were involved in singing and dancing and acting, so I sort of followed in their footsteps. Then realized I didn’t enjoy singing and dancing very much and that acting was more my bag. I got an agent when I was seven, and they started setting me up for jobs. This film came along [The Heart of Me, 2002], and Kate Rhodes James was the loveliest casting director, and gave me that opportunity to work with these incredible actors. Really it was that film that sparked my desire to make it a career.

As the last solar beams reach the ground, it seems like mother nature has abandoned all beauty and has refurnished itself in its own chaotic order. Stemming from pain and suffering, the world is left behind, and thus, so are you. The only sounds are the crushing sounds of snow turning into ice in the frigid temperatures and the vague howling of the packs of wolves deep into the fog and the forest. In itself, this place has its own beauty. A beauty most people will never, unfortunately, discover. In my own uniform, I was attracted by the vast emptiness and silence.

- Taken by me on the 1st of January, 2015, somewhere in the Swedish Laplands.