10 Reasons to Watch Leverage
Compared to other TV shows, Leverage is a really great gemstone obscured by all-too-mainstream diamonds. There are plenty of TV dramas focused around crime with a team dynamic, but most of those procedural crime-solvers. And very rare is it that you get a show where every member of the team is treated equally. But Leverage, and all five of its lovely seasons, has just that, along with a slew of crime-committing.

When Hardison created Leverage Inc, he painted this picture of their founder (Old Nate) and dubbed him Harland Leverage III. Today, ashesinyourhair sent me this:

Do you ever cry-laugh because of how NOT A NAME “Harland Leverage III” is? Like, can you imagine a scenario in which Nate actually had to use that story and how irritated he would’ve been?

“Well, when this organization was founded, my great great uncle… Harland Leverage III” (glares at Hardison)

Which got me thinking, how the hell did Hardison come up with a name like Harland anyway? Leverage is obvious, because “we provide leverage” and III just makes it funny.

But then it occurred to me, Harland. Hardison. HAR-land, HAR-dison. Okay, so where did “land” come from? Nate is short for Nathan. That’s an “an” So the L: Eliot. But wait there’s more! Because Parker’s name also has an AR, just like Hardison. So now we just have a D to account for. Ah, yes, Sophie Devereaux.

What if Harland Leverage III came from

Hardison, Parker, Eliot, Nathan, Deveraux:


It’s now my canon that Harland Leverage III got his name from a portmanteau of the teams’ names. You can’t tell me otherwise.