You scared? I’m not. I got the best thief and the smartest guy I know chasing this guy. Listen to me. You’re the smartest guy I’ve ever known Hardison. I need that brain to get me to him. Because you know if I lay my hands on him, it’s done. Get me to him.
—  Eliot to Hardison, Leverage 5x10

I am finally watching Leverage (I’m part way through season 4) and here is what I have learned:

  • I started out thinking this would be a cute fun show and now I am in way too deep
  • Everyone being very good at their jobs makes me very happy
  • Sophie + Parker friendship/mentorship is important and wonderful ;_____;
  • Aldis Hodge is a gift to this world
  • I reluctantly ship Nate/Sophie (reluctantly b/c Sophie is too good for him, but she seems to have made up her mind that she wants him so, y’know)
  • Me before I started this show: All that ot3 stuff people are going on about is probably just exaggerated fandom shipper goggles stuff

The past few days there’s been this very nice old lady staying at the motel I work at. I mostly work in the restaurant end of things so I see her when she comes up to eat and we’ve been talking a bit.

She was already up for breakfast when I got into work this morning and she saw that I was carrying a book, so she asked what I was reading. It was one of the Leverage books, The Zoo Job, but I didn’t really want to go into all that so I just held it up and told her it was a book based on one of my favourite TV shows.

She literally jumped out of her seat and hugged me, the whole time saying that she just had to hug another Leverage fan. She was so upset when the show was cancelled, but said that she watches reruns all the time. Parker is her favourite (she called her “that little blonde girl”) as well as Nate because Timothy Hutton is just such a great actor.

Even outside of the internet, this fandom is so awesome.

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Leverage: the next generation

  • Molly: Following a kidnapping as a young teen, she wanted to protect herself the way someone once protected her. What started with a simple self-defence course turned into a life-long affinity for violence and a successful run as an MMA fighter. Went off the grid and turned mercenary after her father’s death at the hands of a disgruntled employee left her destitute and unable to pay for college.
  • Trevor: Never forgot that time when the computer guy made him part of the team. Developed hacking and technology skills to rival his idol, along with a healthy problem with authority to match. It’s still the age of the geek, baby.
  • Widmark: After his step-father went to prison, life was a series of increasing challenges, but he never forgot his ability to make people believe in him. When the only job in show business he could get was as a singing waiter, he started to use his powers of persuasion and ability to reinvent himself for more self-serving purposes. And so, a con-artist was born.
  • Josie: Turns out landscaping is kind of boring when all you want to do is kick ass. Returning to a life of crime and becoming one of the world’s greatest thieves was much more her style.
  • Olivia: When fingered to take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit, CIA Agent Olivia Sterling leaves behind her career in espionage and cryptography - at least, as far as the agency is concerned - and disappears. She uses her contacts to assemble a motley crew of hustlers, felons, and thugs to track down and take out the corrupt organisation that set her up. But what started as revenge, a one-time gig, becomes so much more…


  • Amy: Art appraisal expert. Also Olivia’s ex. They met while consulting with Interpol as a favor to Director Sterling. Years and a somewhat-amicable break up later, Amy gets pulled into the crew’s schemes which, after years of friendship with a certain legendary thief, is practically old hat. She shows up every now and then to help out with jobs and to flirt with Josie, which drives Olivia mad. (Whether she is more jealous of Amy or Josie is anyone’s guess).

so i was watching this episode and i realised something. eliot’s just driven from portland to just outside oklahoma city, right, to try to patch things up with his dad. it’s a decent drive, solidly twenty-four hours of drive time, longer if you stop to do things like pee or sleep. but he finally gets there, and he pulls out the beer that he brought, hoping that he could make things right, and–

that’s bridgeport brewery beer. that’s hardison’s fucking beer. and eliot has carted this sixpack across half a dozen states, the beer sitting on the passenger seat. and maybe nobody’ll get it but eliot, because he sure as hell isn’t going to tell hardison, sure isn’t about to offer it to his dad, but he’s trying, ok; he’s doing something, he’s making something. he’s part of something.


“Parker: no first name. Some say she’s the best thief in the world. Some say she’s crazy. Lucky for me, she’s both.” 

“Eliot Spencer is not a violent man. Be reasonable and nobody gets hurt. If you decide to be unreasonable, it’s not his fault if everybody gets hurt. “

“Alec Hardison. You can call him a hacker; code freak; a fraud artist. I call him tech support. “

“ My name is Nathan Ford. I am an honest man in a dishonest world. Am I a white knight or a black king? If you have to ask,  you’re on the wrong side.”

“ Who is Sophie Devereaux? She’s a grifter; a con artist; the greatest actress you’ll never see. She’s whoever I need her to be.”

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