Welcome to the 2017 Leverage Bigbang!

What is the bang?

An opportunity for writers and artists to come together and make fanworks celebrating the show Leverage. This bang has both big- and mini-bang options. Check out the requirements and details below.

How does it work?

Writers and artists sign up to participate. Sign ups open August 1st. Authors begin work on their stories and submit a draft/summary by October 6th. Titles, warnings, and summaries will then be posted for artists to claim. Claims will work on a first come first serve basis, and once artists and writers have been matched up creators can begin collaborating. Final works are due November 24th and posting will begin in December.


- For writers:
Minibang: Minimum 5k words
Bigbang: Minimum 10k words
No maximum. Writers will indicate which type of bang they intend to do when signing up, but can change their minds any time before artist claims open; to do so email the mods.

- For artists:
Minibang: Minimum 1 artwork
Bigbang: Minimum 2 artworks
No maximum. Artists can submit illustrations, comics, photomanips, fan videos, fanmixes, gifs, graphics, or any other art medium that can be digitally shared. Videos must be a minimum of 1 minute 30 seconds long, fanmixes minimum of ten tracks, minimum of six gifs. For any other questions involving types of art or art requirements contact the mods either by email or tumblr ask.

Basic Rules:

  1. Check ins are mandatory. If you miss a check-in, you have 48 hours to email the mods, or you will be disqualified.
  2. Works cannot be posted before the official post date. This means both that they must be new (previously unpublished) works and that they cannot be released early.
  3. Any (or no) pairing is acceptable so long as the main focus of the story revolves around canon Leverage characters.
  4. Any rating is acceptable.
  5. All appropriate warnings and tags must be used for both the summary/draft submission and the final post.

For more details check out our Rules, FAQs, and Timeline.

Drop us an email at leveragebigbangjob@gmail.com or an ask.

The Most Iconic™ Moments In Leverage

-sophie showing up at her own funeral. Twice.
-nate running up 15 flights of stairs and stopping on every floor to press the elevator button just to piss off Sterling
-“he must’ve had some good qualities” “none. Not even in bed”
-sophie throwing off her trench coat to reveal a rapelling harness, and Parker running to her while Sterling’s shouting for the agents to catch them
-eliot knocking out 4 guys before Hardison’s bag hits the floor
-“if you eat a snakes heart, you consume its soul”

I’ve just been thinking today about how amazing a show Leverage is. I mean you have a drunk-ex-insurance guy who is a genius who’s whole goal in life is to help people (ie. while simultaneously being a control hungry bastard), a woman who could con herself into being queen of the universe while drunk, a dangerous ex-military guy who can filet a steak or punch you unconscious or be trusted with your firstborn because he’s phenomenal with kids, a hacker with skills like nobody’s business and charisma like woah, and finally the best thief in the entire world who loves cereal more than life.  I just…LEVERAGE. I’ve seen it beginning to end like 3 times over and it’ll never be enough.

one of my absolute favorite scenes from ‘leverage’ is in season two when hardison, parker, and eliot just start setting up nate’s condo to be their new headquarters like

parker, with the old nate painting: hi i’m old nate and i live here too

eliot, cutting through the wall with a chainsaw: quiet maniacal laugh

hardison, setting up the monitors: i bought the building

and through it all, nate’s look of desperation devolving into resignation