I wanted to draw clothes, so I drew my oc Rick with his younger sister Lea, since I am very fond of Rick’s clothing style and wanted to draw Lea for a while.

sooo, tada:D

Rick tends to pick Lea up from the elementary school, because their mother comes back home from work way too late. And yes, there are little butts in Lea’s class who are teasing her. rick wants really bad to kick their little butts but they are children>:C

edit: or wait. I am not sure..how does the education system works in your country? since she’s 11 I think she might be in a middle schooler at this point, right? I think I messed something up again


I just wanted to put some colour on my ocs uwu

Rick and Jo are the ones on the first drawing, and Lea, Rick’s younger sister is on the second one^^

I guess I could also write a little bit about their personalities here…Rick is probably that actually good guy who barely gets anything he actually deserves. He’s ougoing, caring and quite a big dork if you ask me, haha:D Has a mother and a sister, his father left when Lea was 1. (and let me say Rick didn’t appreciate this act, and sort of come up with this rule not to leave people who need you. ever. Also he’s not very fond of his father as a result..really angry at him for leaving his mother with both him and little Lea)

Jo (well Johanna, but she prefers a short version). She’s quite a pretender I guess? She does communicate with people, have fun with them but barely ever lets up anyone to get close to her, not that anyone needs that. Jo pretends she’s fine and doesn’t care, when it reality is one lonely folk. Her parents are archeologists traveling constantly, so she gets to change schools from time to time (that’s the last one take obviously)

And Lea..she’s a sweetheart who isn’t appreciated in her school, gets bullied constantly (which I mentioned before, heh). She’s genuinely very cheerful and nice and yet very uncomfortable about her appearance. Has a humster named Totoro because this movie is her favourite.

I am not yet completely sure about their ages, so I’ll just go with this for now.

All Roads Lead Home - Recommendation Review

Found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/718987/chapters/1332400

Author: nikki_ntm

Quick Review (No spoilers):

Do not read this in its entirety if you’re having a bad day. Even on a good day this story has the ability to make a reader cry like a baby, on a bad day… just don’t. Stop when the story makes you happy, and go no further.

The writing is usually fantastic, there’s amazing use of foreshadowing, the AU world really sucks you in, and this story does bittersweet like a pro. The story centres around Isa and Lea, their meeting, their life, and their struggle to get through it all together. It’s both heartwarming, and utterly soul destroying in the best possible ways.

Detailed review (Spoilers ahoy!):

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