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Five people who need to keep it in their pants?

Of course you’re expecting me to say Nina. And I’m going to say Nina. Obvious reasons, you don’t need me to explain.

Ed could use a tighter belt around his waist, the boy has no morals.

Lauren needs to stop going at it with Camila every two seconds.

Camila needs to stop going at it with Lauren every two seconds.

Did I say Nina?

This week I saw one of my best friends, it was so surreal! It made my heart, soul and little Esme smile! It was great that the Universe allowed is to cross paths again. I’m sure it won’t be the last time, although we did say our goodbyes for now. She presented me with a beautiful plant that I can nourish and grow, much like our friendship. Love that girly to death :} #hippystuff #friendship #universallove #laurenG #flowers