headcanon for reapers;;

|| Albino reapers are divine, rare, and ordinarily powerful. One of their kind is only born every few hundreds of years or so, if not longer. They are envied because they have faster healing abilities and strength.

Instead of having almost white hair - like humans - they literally have sheer white hair, and it sometimes can have a shine to it as well. They do not have red eyes, instead possessing the bright green eyes that all reapers have.

Undertaker is an albino reaper. ||


Still kinda debating on expanding this au, so I decided to draw some designs up for it~ 

Will get to their circus outfits later, and may or may not change up Ciel’s.

Also I wasn’t sure if I should include Luka or not, so I drew him anyways, but I left the option open to you guys if you actually wanted him in the story (at the point I was considering having it branch off, he may not be in it by that point anymore), so just let me know before I do too much more with this.