Oh my, If my young master wanted to break our contract, the least he could have done is write a letter with slightly more decent grammar … or at least keep his voice lower so that I wouldn’t have to hear his ranting throughout the whole manor. Not to mention the entire household heard him as well… 

*sigh* I suppose it’s going to be a while before we can come to a new… agreement.

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                                          [ Sebastian & Ciel ]

                                                      Ch. 138

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anonymous asked:

Isn’t it a bit of a plot hole that Ciel seems so shocked that Seb is going to take his soul when Seb said the same thing the previous chapter? :/ I mean idk why he looked so surprised, I’d have thought Ciel would have noticed when he said that, even if Real Ciel’s body was being waved in front of him. I don’t understand how it slipped past him? He seems to have been listening otherwise. Or have I overlooked something? :3

Hi Anon! Nah, I wouldn’t call this a plot hole. You’re right, Seb did mention it in ch137…

buuut it totally went past our!Ciel’s head because he rather focused on what Seb said about how he “sacrificed his brother”:

In other words, Seb did mention it ahead but Ciel probably didn’t realize what the demon said because all he could think about was “what a horrible human being he was to have sacrificed his own brother’s soul”. 

That’s why…

Seb’s friendly reminder came as a shock in ch138 instead, in my opinion.

I hope it helps, have a nice day Anon!

anonymous asked:

why does everyone seem so mad at sebastian?? (I haven't read the translations yet)

Basically because Sebs didn’t explicitly state that he would be taking OC’s soul until the contract was already sealed.

He gave the impression of only needing RC’s soul: “for the price of your brother’s soul”, “for sacrificing your brother”, etc., indicating that he’d fulfill OC’s “three wishes” because he ate RC’s soul.

He didn’t detail that he’d be eating OC’s soul too until the very end, which is basically the reason most people are “mad” at him, ie because he deceived OC into/about the conditions of the contract.