Murasakibara Atsushi Headcanons [SFW]

- Has to sleep with a body pillow when he curls up to sleep, because his limbs are too long to stretch out on his bed.

- His mother is a very tiny and feisty lady who is one of the few people Atsushi will let boss him around.

- Is actually a straight A student. 

- Grew up loving sweets because his mother loves to bake.

- His deep rooted thoughts of not wanting to try too hard come from watching his older siblings succeed in many things easily, leaving Basketball his only stand out feature from them. He fears that if he tried and failed to meet their level at something else he would be laughed at. 

- He claims to hate Basketball but truly loves it as it reminds him of when his older brothers spent time with him and he loves hearing his mom congratulate him.

- Is insecure about his height because many people cower away from him. He has found overtime that acting indifferent or superior helps to suppress the pain he feels every time someone avoids eye contact or flinches away.

- Holidays in the Murasakibara household are loud events. Food covers the table and long armed children battle for their portions while a scolding mother tells them to mind their manners. Meanwhile poor father is shaking his head at his families antics.

- Has tons of dental hygiene products because as much as he eats sweets, he also makes sure to protect his teeth from cavities. He had one once…he would prefer not to repeat it. 

- Claims to like tall girls near his height but finds short girls absolutely adorable.  

- Is a wuss when it comes to spicy food.

- Has two left feet when it comes to dancing.

- Has to duck down into doorways throughout his house. 

- His deepest darkest secret is that he wants to have a big family someday as he can’t imagine not having his siblings.