I swear to god he’s too precious 😂

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I know that it’s maybe not the time or the place but today, my country has been attacked once again, maybe it’s terrorism…we still don’t know.
Today, is the 14th July, our national day… And today, people had found death… So I just wanted to say let’s pray for them whichever is your religion. Pray for Nice.

This is probably the very last time I’m gonna post about this issue, but for those of you who feel like bambam’s apology is insincere and are still attacking him for it, I hope you guys understand that he went against his company’s instructions and spoke up. This could actually jeopardize his career more than anything, yet he still did it. Please be a little bit more understanding of his situation, because that boy has probably went through hell these past days, so please just take a moment to think before you attack him again.


Same Daehyun, same. #Kpop #B.A.P #bap #Daehyun #Zelo #Junhong

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I don’t wanna rain on anyone’s parade or anything, but it honestly scares me how high up people view youngjae because he avoided this situation. Everyone’s calling him an angel, and a person who can do no wrong and that seriously downright terrifies me. I hope you guys keep in mind that he is indeed a human being, and human beings are capable of making mistakes, so if he does make a stupid mistake any time in the future (I pray to God that it will never happen), I hope who guys don’t drop him without a seconds thought and completely attack and antagonize him. He is a human being after all and they are NOT perfect. Please PLEASE keep this in mind.

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— the Stellar Promotions™ gc on twitter (PS: please let me know @.parkslsters on twitter if any of these links are not working!)