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[Date-KNB] I hope self-ships are allowed? :D #4, Me & Aomine. Thanks!

Hello dear! Thank you for your patience while I got this one sorted out. I really hope you like it!

Shifting your feet nervously, you clench Daiki’s hand tightly.

“You ok?” he asks lowly and you nod.

After weeks and weeks of classes you’re finally here; your first dance competition. You still can’t believe you ever convinced Daiki to do this with you. Truthfully, it was like pulling teeth to even get him to the first class, but after some basic lessons both of you picked up on it fast; you because you’re enthusiastic and would practice relentlessly and he because his natural athleticism and ability to control his body. When the instructor pretty much forced you to join the amateur competition you were sure Daiki would bolt, especially when it was announced that each couple would have to dress in the era of the dance they were doing; and you were given ballroom/ renaissance.

Daiki was quite resistant to the idea, that is until he saw you in your dress for the first time. Being a breast man, the sight of you trussed up in a way too tight corset, cleavage spilling out was enough to convince him it wouldn’t be so bad; until he saw what he had to wear.

 After some argument and alterations to make the pants a little less restrictive (“Didn’t the men have dicks back then?” “Daiki, hush!”) you both were finally attired in your costumes.

Walking to the center of the dance floor you feel sweat trickle down your neck and back, both from your nerves and from the bright lights. Getting into position, you look up into Daiki’s handsome face, a bright smile on your own. He smirks down at you, eyes focused; you’re pleased to see he’s taking this seriously.

As the music starts up, you step in time with your man, whirling about the floor with steps you’ve practiced until your feet bled. You can’t stop smiling, so happy to be doing something you love so much with someone you love so much.

He pulls you closer, his head leaning down to whisper, “You know, I never realized how sexy full gowns could be but you’re making these pants very uncomfortable.”

“Daiki!” you hiss whisper, “This is a refined dance you can’t be thinking things like that!”

 He chuckles as he spins you out. Drawing you back in even closer, his mouth next to your ear he says, “What? You think those royals and nobles never got the urge? Please, I bet they were more perverted than me.”

 He pulls back, shifting his gaze to look deliberately at your heaving chest, your rapid inhale and exhale of oxygen a combination of the effort to move in this heavy dress along with his heated gaze making you decidedly warm. Daiki licks his lips, his eyes holding a decidedly hungry look in them. Pressing his hand more firmly into your back he pulls you as close as possible, your chest compressing against his.

Looking you straight in the eye he says lowly, “I want to take you now.”

You can’t stop the shiver that courses down your spine, sure that your face is tomato red as your boyfriend seduces you in front of all these people. Distracted, you almost miss the cue to turn but find your footing, twirling out from his embrace then being tugged back in. One hand splays over his chest and you can feel his heart racing. 

Just a few more circuits you think, eyes locked with his. The rest of the room may as well not be there for all the attention you’re giving it; you’re completely focused on Daiki.

One last twirl out then back in and you’re done, bowing to each other as the room fills with polite applause. The judges expound on your technique, praising your chemistry and intensity as all the while Daiki is trailing slow, soft circles on the exposed skin of your upper back.

Thankfully, you and Daiki were the last to go meaning the judging is done and the awards about to be issued. Surprisingly, you take second in your category. The medal is barely in your hand before Daiki whisks you up into his arms and exits the room hastily.

Arms around his neck you warn, “You better not rip this Daiki, I paid a lot of money for it.”

He finds a dark hallway, pining you against the wall, the layers of your dress practically swallowing his lower half. Eager lips caress your own before trailing down your neck to your bodice encased chest. He lavishes the top of your breasts, giving firm love bites here and there making you gasp and moan despite efforts to be quiet.

“I hope you’re ready to lose your voice babe, I’m gonna have you screaming all night, refinery be damned!” he says kissing you firmly before gathering you up once more and heading to the car.

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  • me: look at this legend... amazing.. beautiful.. absolutely ICONIC


Or, YOI is technically a sports anime but doesn’t follow a lot of tropes, so what if I did an AU where it does? And I just happen to love KnB, so basketball it is. High school sports + the Power of the Team and Friendship ™ + student life + training camps + graduating senpais etc…

Headcanons below cut!




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