Week 2 Prompts

Prompt #4: (AU) Long term housemates/roommates/neighbors finally figuring out they’re in love.

Prompt #5: (AU or Canon compliant)  Kurt and Blaine get caught making out by papa!Anderson.

Prompt #6: (Canon compliant)  Events leading up to or context around the “no hands south of the equator” rule.


Just a few reminders guys: 

  1. You’re more than welcome to still write for the earlier prompts!  
  2. Always taking more submissions for new prompts (the ideas coming in are awesome so far!).  
  3. You are welcome to rec fics that fit any of the prompts. 
  4. Let’s get some artwork/vids going!  If you have a rec, or an idea for a prompt for artwork/vids please drop a line! 
Klaine: a summary
  • Blaine:I like Kurt as just a friend
  • Blaine:*kisses kurt and sings duet with him*
  • Klaine:we're broken up
  • Klaine:*aggressively make out in back of car*
  • Kurt:don't worry we're not hooking up this time
  • Kurt:of course I'll marry you Blaine
  • Kurt:I don't want to get back together with BlIne
  • Blaine:ditto...
  • Klaine:but yeah let's get married.

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You realize your "fic library" is discouraging authors to post fic, right? Most of the feedback we get is from when someone reblogs our post for the fic. No author wants to see their fic on someone else's post, let alone if that post gets notes. It's not fair to the author. I don't care if you want "the same formatting" just reblog from the author, please.

Honestly, anon, I don’t think we wield that kind of power.  On the contrary, the feedback that we’ve received from both readers and authors has been nothing but positive. The exchange and sharing of fics has introduced both ends of the spectrum to each other. 

For every story we’re currently following, we reblog it and its updates directly from the author’s blog (if they have a Tumblr). When the story is complete or is being added to a new fic update post, we use individual original posts. The reason for the original posts is easier reference for us (adds to our tagging system) and our followers. We are able to collect and share these stories in an easily navigable and organized way.

We also tag the writers and link to their tumblrs and also to whatever site hosts their stories. We always encourage everyone to send positive feedback to the amazing writers. 

If an author has an issue with the manner in which we promote and share their stories, they are welcome to send us an ask, and we will promptly remove their story from our blog.

Thank you,

Lynne & Zinnia


Even though some people say that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was “toxic”, you have to admit that Darren and Chris played really well off of each other. They did such a great acting job that Kurt and Blaine could even have a basic conversation by just looking at each other. Their chemistry was absolutely amazing on camera.

anonymous asked:

The fic anon is looking for is "A Door Opens" by missbeizy

A Door Opens - here ya go, iron-girl!  Thanks, anon, for the find!

Kurt (45) is a senior designer at a NYC fashion house. When he discovers that his husband of almost twenty five years is having an affair and wants a divorce, Blaine (26), a new hire at the same house, is there to help him pick up the pieces.


FOR SALE post 1

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I also have a Darren Criss How To Succeed signed window card and a Darren Criss signed UK gigs poster I am willing to sell if the price is right - I have memories from those trips and other signed items so I’m happy to let them go

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