British kings' signs
  • Aries:Henry IV
  • Taurus:Edward IV
  • Gemini:Charles II
  • Cancer:Edward VIII
  • Leo:George IV
  • Virgo:Henry V
  • Libra:Richard III
  • Scorpio:Charles I
  • Sagittarius:Henry VI
  • Capricorn:Richard II
  • Aquarius:Henry VII
  • Pisces:Henry II

On Thursday, the LA Kings honored nine-year old Grace Bowen, who was diagnosed with cancer last April. Wearing her Justin Williams jersey, she performed the ceremonial puck drop before the Kings game vs. Calgary. Grace underwent 7 1/2 months of chemotherapy and eventually part of her leg was amputated. Grace is in the process of learning how to walk again with a new prosthetic leg. After the game, Grace and her parents were invited into the Kings dressing room where her friend, right wing Justin Williams, sat with her as all the players met Grace, spoke with her for a couple of minutes, and signed the Kings jersey she was wearing. (x/x)