sum cafe shinee message card

onew: i hope you have a white day that’s more blissful than anyone else’s

jonghyun: it’s filled with my love, can you feel it?

key: don’t starve to lose weight, eat everything because you’re pretty the way you are

minho: i can picture you smiling prettily

taemin: a sincere heart of love for you

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170214 `ㅂ´ 3puppy instagram update

SHINee World 2017 in Osaka Day One–170216

During the fanlight talk

Key: Everyone turn your light yellow!
Taemin: Ah! Isn’t that Key-color*??

Minho wrapped his arm around Taemin’s shoulder and turned him around to walk him toward the back as a warning!

[T/N: Here’s Taemin’s second dad joke of the day. Yellow in Japanese is “Kiiro,” with “Ki” virtually the same as Key’s name and “iro” meaning color.]

Cr. korea_shygeeks Trans: Professorjjong


(cut) 170218 bumkeyk instagram live stream — key (source #2)

SHINee World 2017 in Osaka Day One–170216

Key: I lived in Deagu but I don’t really get angry… But I cannot [really] wait! *laughs* When I speak I speak really quickly so when I was living in the dorm I was asked “Why are you always angry?” Even though I was never angry….
Taemin: That’s why you and Minho had a misunderstanding, right!
Minho: Sh…

Cr. gra_25b Trans: Professorjjong

When talking about how the dialect used in Osaka is similar to the Deagu accent.

Key: The Deagu accent sounds like you’re angry but [I’m] not angry! [We] resemble the character of people from Osaka, when we speak since we cannot wait we speak really quickly so when I was living in the dorm together [with the members] there was trouble. *laughs*
Jonghyun : At first I thought, “Is he angry?” *laughs*

Cr. aionee_51 Trans: Professorjjong


Beautiful Kibum 😍 Stand By Me

2017 SHINee World FIVE Osaka Day 2 170217