Purple Forest

Seni definitely wasn’t about to cry. She was tougher than that. She wouldn’t even while her heart pounded in her ears and she ran as fast as she could into the woods. She had to get away from Bandle and the thing she had done.

No crying. She decided to focus on Ka. He was still unconscious and his weight was starting to be too much for her to keep carrying. She slowed to a stop and turned to look behind her. She could still see the orange-tainted pillar of dark smoke, but she couldn’t actually see the city anymore. Seni took a moment to listen, unconsciously holding her breath out of anxiety. She could hear shouting if she really listened hard, but it was most likely around the disaster area. Nobody was following them.

With the utmost care, Seni lowered her brother from her back and sat him to rest against the trunk of a large tree. They were almost entirely hidden by the undergrowth and with relief Seni dropped down next to Ka. His face looked pained and she wished she could comfort him, but on the other hand if she had to talk to somebody right now she might break down. No crying. In truth she was exhausted from extreme fear, despair and exertion, so she rested herself against the tree trunk and dozed. 

Her sleep wasn’t peaceful and she woke up at any unfamiliar sound, but eventually the sun showed up and swept away the dark. When the unpleasantly bright light came to touch her face she finally resigned herself to consciousness and opened her eyes. She sat for another moment, silent and stock still, but all she heard was the wind as it slipped between the leaves and the chittering birds. Since Ka appeared to only be asleep now instead of unconscious Seni dragged herself to her tired feet and hoisted him onto her back once more. She couldn’t stay anywhere near Bandle or she risked being killed; which was unacceptable. Seni was far too tired to run or even jog, but she could still walk and that’s what mattered.

She didn’t look back as she left behind what remained of the only home she had ever known. While Seni didn’t know the forest at all well, she still swore to herself that they would survive, wherever they ended up.  She would make sure of it.