Spoilers for TGC

Okay so the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Roxy isn’t dead. So first off, obviously this franchise has set a precedent for ~surprise~ resurrections. Not just Harry, but Charlie too. And, technically, Whiskey, although that’s a bit debatable. More important, though, is the disparity between what’s shown when Roxy’s place gets hit vs. everywhere else. Roxy is the ONLY person to react to the missile, AND, hers in the only place we don’t actually watch get blown up. Notice that Arthur doesn’t even try to move when he sees the ‘incoming missile’ warning. He knows that there’s nowhere he can get quickly enough. Roxy, however, seems to be going somewhere. I don’t think it’s out of the question that she could’ve had some sort of reinforced panic room nearby. Add that to the fact that one character was given a drawn out, emotional death scene, and she was given /nothing/ and to the bit where the audience was repeatedly reminded of her existence (Eggsy mentions her at least three times, but maybe a few more?), I think it spells one thing: Roxanne Morton is alive.

My half of an art trade with the totally rad @earily
Shes awesome and I’m literally so honored we did an art trade I’m rollin with the big boys now

Also Kyle is a mother hen and does that mom thing where he licks his thumb and wipes off Kenny’s cheek. 

Also, Kenny calls Shiela ‘Mama Bear’ and Kyle ‘Baby Bear’ and nO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE