I hear you’re preaching again, gathering a flock. || Just spreading the word of my calamitous fall and subsequent rebirth in the light of the Lord, Raylan.

Their final conversation in the prison will move some fans to tears. First of all, Boyd telling Raylan that he knows he never believed a word coming out of his mouth but he hopes he enjoyed it — that’s from Elmore.
Yes. Very good. That’s what Elmore said about Boyd to Walton [“I don’t believe a goddamn thing you say, but I sure do enjoy watching you say it”].

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Let us now praise Graham Yost. And his writing staff. And Elmore Leonard, for that matter, and Timothy Olyphant and Natalie Zea and Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter and Jere Burns — my God, Jere Burns — and Kaitlyn Dever and Nick Searcy and Erica Tazel and every other person who wrote or edited or uttered a line of dialogue on Justified. There were shows that got more viewers, were more famous, and won more shiny trophies during Justified’s six-season run, but none of them — and I do mean none of them — had better dialogue. Better conversations. Better words, words, words.
—  Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur pays tribute to Justified’s dialogue for the Vulture TV Awards (x)