What’s done is done. EXO will be performing at Tokyo Dome regardless of whether we approve or not.

I’m not saying don’t complain. Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel sad. I cannot and will not dictate your emotions.

But what I do suggest is don’t waste your time and your energy into feeling this way. I know we love our boys so much that we can’t help but want to bring justice to this unfair situation. But I’m sure, as much as they love their dongsaengs, they feel a little in the shits about this too. So instead of focusing on our own feelings, let’s put our energy into showing them that we love them and are proud of them and that their hard work does not go unnoticed by us.

Send love to Jinki via twitter and tag him in every wall picture you can find on instagram.

Send silly photoshopped photos of Minho to Jonghyun’s twitter or just ask him how his day was.

Send Key love and tell him he’s beautiful via instagram.

Tell the world what a little shit Taemin is by shouting it at the top of your lungs at the cliff close by to you.

It sucks feeling sad and it’s not worth our time. Let’s use our energy wisely and try to make our boys’ days better.



[ENG] 150414 jTBC Off to School 40 (Taemin Cuts)
Watch here | Credit: funpurpo