Camping adventures.

Words: 1000
Joe Sugg imagine (with reader)

You had fancied few months now and you had a feeling he had something for you too but you always thought he was just flirting so you never bothered telling him.  You had joined the group to go camping since Zoella forced you to come so “she wouldn’t be the only girl” even though Naomi turned up anyway.

You were all sitting by the fireplace that you all pitched up and the sun was about to start setting. They laughed and shared stories that some of us hadn’t heard before but you weren’t really paying any attention. You got distracted by Zoe and Alfie. Seeing them made you want to be with Joe and reminded you that you weren’t.

You started to think about what it would be like to be with him and got lost in your thoughts. Though you snapped back to reality when Zoe called your name, “Are you okay?” she asked. You weren’t in the mood for talking so you just nodded your head and gave her a reassuring small smile.

When they were all distracted you decided to go for a walk. Without attracting any attention to yourself, you just got up and walked into the woods. All you could hear was the crunching of the dry leaves under your feet as you walked further away from the rest. You slowed down as you walked but you heard a quick pace from behind you. You turned around quickly and you were surprised to find Joe catching up to you.

“What are you doing?” you asked, wondering why he bothered following you.

“Following you. I know it sounds pretty creepy but I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”  He smiled as he walked closer to you.

“I’m fine.” You simply said. You turned around and continued walking on. Joe continued to follow you and you knew he wasn’t going to believe you. You’ve known each other for over a year now so he knew you quite well.

“You don’t seem “fine” you know.” His shoulder brushed against yours, “Don’t lie to me.”

“Okay fine.” You admitted, “Lately I’ve been rethinking some things and I’m just not too happy on how they’re turning out.” I said as we neared a walkway around a small pond. You neared a bench and sat down on it. You watched the sun as it slowly neared the horizon.  

A little breeze passed by and an unwanted shiver passed through your body. Joe unzipped his hoodie and took it off, “I know this is cliché,” he wrapped his hoodie round you and pulled you closer to him, “but you need it more than I do.”

You smiled and thanked him as you allowed him to warm you up. He dragged his hands up and down your arms and you felt Goosebumps rose to the top of your skin.

“You’re starting to worry me. You usually tell me everything.”  He said and once he said that you knew you had to tell him. It was Joe for Christ’s sake if he didn’t like you back you guys would just be friends and he’ll make it easier for you.

“The thing is that…” you sat up and thought of a way to say it. You just had to do it, rip off the band aid, “I like you Joe. And I know that you probably don’t like me too but that’s okay because if you don’t then I can move on-“his lips met with yours and you hadn’t realized you were speaking really fast. His hand cupped your face and that’s when you realized he was kissing you. His soft lips brushed against yours and then soon he both broke the kiss.

“Did you kiss me just to shut me up?”

“Partly. And because I really wanted to kiss you.” He smiled and his hands slid down to your hands and held them in his. “I mean boy am I glad you told me that. I actually told Zoe to make sure you came here because I wanted to tell you that I wanted to take you out on a date. But then I saw that you were upset and I told myself “shit now is not the time” so I wanted to-“You kissed him. You really wanted to kiss him and you were so happy that he thought that.

“You kissed me to shut me up too didn’t you?”  he asked once he broke the kiss. “Kind of.” You laughed and he laughed to. Your night had just been made and you were so happy. This usually doesn’t happen to you. The guys you liked never liked you back in that way or always liked another girl.

You both headed back to the campfire since it was almost dark and when you got there, none of them questioned where you had gone off to since it was a common thing for you two to do. Joe sat in the camping chair and you were heading to yours when you felt an arm pull you back and Joe sat you on him, your bum fit in the tight space there was next to him and your legs over his.

“Woah woah…” Alfie said and everyone’s attention darted to you two, “what the hell did we miss?”

“Oh, not much,” Joe shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, “And also, Zoe I’m switching with you, you’ll sleep in the tent with Alfie.” He said and with that they all got the picture that you two were dating…Apart from Casper.