Wake up!

One time, i had a pretty important presentation, the most important presentation of the semester, but i feared not waking up in time for it, because i had not slept in three days finishing the project. I set up 5 alarms, and asked my parents to wake me up before they left for work.“oh God, please let me wake up in time”As i suspected, i slept through all the alarms, but thankfully i was woken up by a knock on my door.  I shouted “I’m awake” like i usually do, but the knocking continued. I found it weird, so i went to open the door to see what my parents wanted. As soon as i touched the door the knocking stopped, and when i opened it, no one was there.“what?” i shouted to see if maybe my parents had just gone into their room, they didn’t answer, so i went to their room, but no one was there, and the house was completely empty.
I thought ‘ok, nothing happened, it was just a dream’ and went back to my room, i was going to sleep again, but just as my head hit the pillow i heard a voice: “Never ask me to wake you up again”
I jumped straight out of my bed and saw a laughing Jimmy right in front of me “oh God, that was amazing, did i really scare you?”  
“i almost had a heart attack you idiot, don’t do that shit again, i didn’t even ask you to wake me up”
“oh, i’m soooo sorry” he couldn’t breathe from how much he was laughing “you asked God to help you, and guess who’s the one he charged with taking care of you” he pointed at himself smiling brightly.I just glared at him“look at the bright side” he continued “you´ll get there on time”
i looked at my clock, whined “too early” and laid down on the bed again
Jimmy’s smile turned dangerous “if you fall asleep again, i´ll not only let you miss the presentation, but i’ll also give you nightmares for the rest of your fucking life”
“you’re the worst” i said glaring at him
“you haven’t seen my worst, now, go get ready”
“i hate you”
“you know you love me” he said cockily
“fuck you”
Jimmy pulled the biggest, most annoying grin i had ever seen, and i knew, without a doubt he would have replied with a ‘you wish’ if it wasn’t so early and i didn’t look so murderous.In the end i wasted so much time bantering with Jimmy, I barely made it on time.

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