Wind River (2017)

Jeremy Renner is Cory, an employee of Wyoming Fish and Wildlife - his job is to kill the animals who prey on local livestock, and his jurisdiction includes a Native American Reservation that seems to have been forgotten by the world [… ]Cory is an ace marksman, always getting his kill because he knows how his prey thinks, to the point of sympathizing with it: Dressed in snow-colored camouflage gear, he’s so one with nature, he’s anonymous in it. [x]


Finally got my picture with Jeremy Renner. It was all worth it to travel from Philippines-Seoul-Vancouver-Edmonton-Calgary. Yes, I travelled ALL THE WAY from the Philippines just to see him. I even mentioned it to him and he was like whoaaaaaa! He asked me where in the Philippines specifically and I said “Manila”. He was really charming, accomodating, sweet, lovely and super gorgeous in person. It was a dream come true indeed!


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