“I think my job as a father is make it impossible for her to find the version of a man that I will show her. That’s my job every day. To be consistent, like the stone in the garden. Sometimes it sucks to be the stone but you need to be there. I want to impart self-assuredness, confidence. How to find beauty in her self and how to problem solve and overcome things.
Whether or not she ends up being a mini-me or not, that’s just my ego, I want her to realize who she really is. I want to put her in front of things and have the experience where she has to make decisions. I want her to experience adversity because I think struggle is so important. I want to show her unconditional love and support as well.”

- Jeremy on daughter Ava [x]


Finally got my picture with Jeremy Renner. It was all worth it to travel from Philippines-Seoul-Vancouver-Edmonton-Calgary. Yes, I travelled ALL THE WAY from the Philippines just to see him. I even mentioned it to him and he was like whoaaaaaa! He asked me where in the Philippines specifically and I said “Manila”. He was really charming, accomodating, sweet, lovely and super gorgeous in person. It was a dream come true indeed!


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