Most days my IT shifts aren’t terribly complicated. But I like being able to get so much done. Solve so many problems. Even if they’re relatively common ones.

Today, though, my colleagues were asking me for help figuring out why this person’s Mac couldn’t stay connected to our secure campus wifi when the guest wifi seemed to be working. And it ended up being so much more complicated than expected. So many terms I don’t really know what they mean even if I’ve heard them before.

I hope to learn more about it!

I thought of an idea, though. Maybe I should spend my downtime at the IT desk going through MOOCs on CS/IS courses rather than mucking around with HW I will have to get done anyway. I will get my HW done. And I will almost certainly not work on new skills like that during the semester if I don’t make time for it.

DJ Agana & Azure - Don’t Sweat It (Vol. 1)

An eclectic mix consisting of a lot of funk, deep house, and future wave music. Enjoy! I still have love for you Tumblr. Don’t think I forgot about you.


  1. ANKA - Youth
  2. Sam Gellaitry - Frontin’
  3. Tom Misch - Artist
  4. Bryson Tiller - Don’t (Esta Remix)
  5. Goldlink - Dark Skin Women (Cosmo’s Midnight & Swindail Remix)
  6. Finish Line - Daye Jack
  7. Anderson Paak - Am I Wrong (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)
  8. The Internet - Get Away (Remix)
  9. Pomo - Feel the Same Way
  10. E Doza - Quem e Quem (Feat. JR Jarris)
  11. Evelyn Champagne King - I’m in Love
  12. Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely (Lotso Remix)
  13. Tupac - Do For Love (Wantigga Flip)
  14. PRYMDPLAZA - Didn’t Know
  15. Rare - Colours:Changing
  16. Naji - The Garden (Feat. Darah Appling)
  17. Janet Jackson - Someone to Call My Lover (Instrumental)
  18. Dom Kennedy - A Real One 
  19. Tory Lanez - RIDE
  20. The Code - Mood (Find You) / Time
  21. Kelela - Rewind (Feat. Goldlink) (Louie Lastic Remix)
  22. Disclosure - You & Me (Feat. Eliza Doolittle)
  23. Kehlani - Til the Morning (Snakehips Remix)
  24. ZHU - Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)
  25. Goldlink - Ay Ay
  26. Kali Uchis - Ridin Round (Oshi Redo)
  27. IAMSU - I Be On That (Feat. Dave Steezy)
  28. Louie Lastic - Close2U
  29. Kayranada - You’re The One (Feat. Syd)
  30. Kendrick Lamar - Blow My High
  31. Jay Ant - Let Me Ball
  32. Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy
  33. FKJ - Instant Need
  34. Marc E Bassy - Unreleased
  35. Yancey Boys - Quicksand
  36. Breezy Lovejoy - PYP (Mr. Carmack Edit)
  37. Jay Prince - 4u/Lately
  38. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight