Wow, I can’t believe how fast my birthday is coming up! My dads promised to give me the day off so I’m planning everything I want to do. I’m so excited!

The marine is gonna quietly take a few sips of rum from a flask before closing the lid and securing it in his cargo swim trunks. He then carefully takes out his harmonica case and remove the instrument within. Being careful to not get water in his Harmonica, he closed the case and slipped it back into a pocket before he started to play a melody while floating down the lazy river in a inner tube. 

[Be More Chill - YouTube AU where Michael and Jeremy lose contact after high  school. Years later, Michael becomes a popular YouTuber and Jeremy finds his channel and is one of his biggest fans, longing to reunite with his high school sweetheart once again.]

“… Anyways, if any of you are coming, make sure to come say hi! If you’ve got any questions for me, feel free to hit me up!”