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Homura had to spend the next several hours after her frustrated outburst cleaning up her office (and herself), but it was something she did without rest… she despised having a disorganized office, even if she didn’t feel worthy to sit in it anymore. 

Still, the last thing she’d expected was to hear a knock on her door, she hadn’t made any appointments today. 

“Come in,” Homura said quietly, wondering who was it that would want to visit her in the first place.


favorite actor meme » [2/2] comedy movies - It’s Complicated

I hope you’ll forgive me for confusing you or betraying your trust,but I did this for me and for him and I realized even though your Dad and I once had something extraordinary… we no longer really fit together. But he is a part of me and always will be.

It was kind of hard for him to see trough the tears. His eyes stung, and he tried his best to keep himself out of sight. He tried once, and once again to get his illusions working again… but it was in vain. His mind was too clouded. He was in a panic, and he couldn’t concentrate. His illusions wouldn’t last, and it resulted in only flashes of the face he had used all this time, and his real once. 

At the very least, luck seemed to be on his side in one way… The streets were empty. At least so they seemed trough his frantic running. He didn’t know where he was going, or WHERE. In his mind, he begged for his trainer to find him, his team, or him… Anyone who he could trust. 

He removed his coat, trying to cover the scared half of his face, but it only made things worse. Now, he was in tears, sobbing loudly as he stopped, leaning against the wall. He was so frightened… Why did he leave his trainer’s side? How could he have been so stupid? Not only was he now lost like this, but had someone trying to kill him! 

Shaddy sat down, leaning against the wall while he tried to cover himself. His illusions were almost entirely gone now, with only a few flashes of his old appearance now and again. All he wanted was to go home… He just wanted to feel safe from them again…