I can’t decide, Tenno. Are you trying to make a joke or are you just a very avid vegetarian?

I wonder, do all Tenno diets consist of meat-free ingredients? It is difficult to determine what substances you consume by studying your… inner workings alone. And, of course, heh, you won’t just TELL me what you eat, which would… really, really make things oh so much simpler, no. 

I feed my personal Zanuka companion a synthesized blend of plasma-infused deuterium in crystalline form, but, I can tell she isn’t particularly fond of it. My harvesting baths seem to work for stabilizing purposes, but I strive for more than this. I hope you know just how much attention and care I put into my, heh, work. How much I care for you, Tenno.

This… isn’t the first time you creatures have brought the topic to my attention. Just what is your obsession with these vegetables, hm? 

-Alad V

wastelandprodigy  asked:

"You’re lucky you’re still drawing breath!"

God. God it burnt — each intake of oxygen tore up his throat, coming out in gasps that caused tears to well up in one functional eye, a bloody mess made of the other as Pen stumbled forwards. His body crumpled. Like paper, he’d think. The contact of jaw to cement wasn’t as delicate sounding — it pulled more pain from him, a low and rattling groan ending up as more of a weak wheeze. 
                             Someone did this someone 
                            someone hurt him. SOMEONE DID THIS SOMEONE HURT HIM— speech.
The words of the stranger were immediately rebuked with a screech, the incoherent yell being one of both self-defence and fear; body bent awkwardly as his limbs moved to pull himself across the ground, scraping against a bare and bleeding chest as he sought to get away from the unknown being. 


I suppose it should go without saying that not all you Betrayers’ delicate little cocoons escaped the tumble through time… unscathed. It is unfortunate, heh, for you, that your little slumber has left such a noticeable mark on your… neural pathways. 

Additionally, I am under the impression that, in the creation of this blog, I have “claimed a corner of the internet”. If you wish to challenge this claim, I invite you to watch this cute video of a kitten playing with a Martian grape I’ve attached to this message and let me know if you still feel hostile towards me.


-Alad V


favorite actor meme » [2/2] comedy movies - It’s Complicated

I hope you’ll forgive me for confusing you or betraying your trust,but I did this for me and for him and I realized even though your Dad and I once had something extraordinary… we no longer really fit together. But he is a part of me and always will be.