hxh chapter 361

• and we’re back in business boys and girls. ‘smiling again’ is back on the menu!

• no chicken scratchings this chapter and the art is pretty nice

• we finally learn after over a decade what Kurapika’s index ability does, and Chrollo will soon be filing for plagiarism

• also btw, trust Kurapika to think teamwork means borrowing your allies abilities so you can use them for yourself.

• only 2 hours to go before the horn sounds and the ship gets going - officially beginning the succession war.

• idk why this Halkenburg dude thinks the succession battle is opt out, but I’m pretty sure anyone who tries to leave and doesn’t participate will be executed so rip him. Maybe at the hands of his own creepy nen beast.

• anyway, I like the princes/kurapika storyline, but i’m itching to see all the other parties too (phantom troupe/hisoka, Ging/Pariston/Beyond, The Zodiac etc).

• waiting a week feels nothing after living through hiatus x hiatus.