Just a Kiss || Hudrose F2F

Finn couldn’t believe he was doing this. He actually had a date. A date. He hadn’t been on one since high school and now he found this perfect girl who agreed to going out with him. She didn’t say no. She actually wanted to. And she liked that he had a daughter. This must’ve been a dream. Maybe he did have too much to drink the previous night when he went out with Puck. But he hoped that wasn’t it. As he finished getting ready, he called Piper and told her good night before locking up the house and going next door to pick up Marley.

The Last Day || Hudrose

Since officially starting dating Finn, things for Marley seemed to be wonderful and things with their relationship were perfect. He meant so much to her and they had only been officially together a week, but she knew she loved him without a doubt. Each day she spend with him she fell for him more and more. Sure they were keeping their relationship a secret and they had to sneak around, but she knew it was for the best right now. They wanted to establish their relationship without other people getting attached and to make sure this was right. She couldn’t be happier or more content with him right then. 

The weekend before she had promised to cook for Finn, but they got side tracked from not only cooking, but getting groceries. This weekend she was determined they were going to stick to their plans. Her mom once again was out of town and Piper was with her uncles. Both would be gone for the weekend. Tonight it was just to two of them and she couldn’t be happier.

As soon as her mom left, she was over at Finn’s. They had gone shopping earlier since Lima had a 24 hour grocery store and luckily not a lot of people were in the store, so they quickly got what they needed. They were back now and she walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “So you ready to try some of my fabulous cooking?” she teased. 

Lima City Highlights || Hudrose F2F

Finn just got off the phone with Piper when he looked in the mirror to see how he looked. Honestly, he was nervous about this outing with his next door neighbor. Marley was attractive, he couldn’t deny that, and he wanted to spend more time with her. But the first step was seeing if Piper liked her. If his daughter didn’t, he wouldn’t do anything. His baby girl was the number one thing in his life and nothing would change that. So if he was going to start seeing someone, they both had to approve. But Marley was so nice that he was sure Piper would love her. 

He turned away from the mirror and grabbed his keys before walking out the door and making the short trip next door. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door, shaking the nerves out of him as he waited for someone to answer.

We've Got Tonight || Hudrose

Marley sat there alone as she watched the other girls drink and gush about Tina’s wedding. All she could think about was Finn and how much she regretted everything she said that night. She should’ve told him she was sorry. That she wanted their baby back then but she was scared of what was going to happen and that’s why she got an abortion. She should’ve told him she loved him and wanted nothing more than to be his and only his for the rest of her life like Tina was doing with Mike. 

Knowing she wasn’t being the greatest bridesmaid in the world, Marley excused herself for the night and left the room. She took a deep breath as she looked up and down the hall for any sign of someone else being out there. She wondered which of these were Finn’s room. She should’ve asked Tina but going in again now would make them talk about her more than they probably already were. Plus, he was probably with Mike at his bachelor party. So she walked down to the elevator and clicked the down button so she could get to her room.

Cuddle Me In || Hudrose Para

Finn put his phone in his pocket and watched for Marley. God was he impateint. He just wanted her over there already and in his arms. Their dates have gone really well recently and after knowing each other for over a week now, he couldn’t get his mind off her. Could he be in love? No. Maybe. Not yet. Yes yet. He had all these feelings for her and he was acting like a teenager but he didn’t care. He wanted her and he was fighting with himself every day just what he could do with her while they were trying to take this “slow”. But everything was making him more impatient; like waiting for her right now.

The Party || Hudrose F2F

Marley stood around and watched the party as she drank her second beer. While she really didn’t like the taste, she at least wanted to drink something and a guy just handed her this without giving her any real options for anything other than that. So she settled on this. This was her first college party. Her first party ever with alcohol. And she only came because her roommate dragged her. It was supposed to be a meet and greet for all the freshmen made by someone other than the college and a lot of people were there. She wondered how many she’d actually be friends with and how many she’d never see again except maybe in passing in the cafeteria or around campus but she’d never actually talk to them. She wondered if she’d meet her soul mate like her parents. But she doubted it since she stood by the wall and wasn’t going to leave her safe spot to mingle.