i love hope solo more than anyone and anything and i am so proud of her for standing up for herself and also for always looking at the bigger picture and trying to create change in this world she truly is an amazing person who deserves nothing but the best in life and i hope more than anything that she’s just content and continues to do what makes her happy. 

it’s absolutely disgusting how so many of you who dislike hope will treat this situation like a joke. you can dislike someone or disagree with things they have done, but to completely belittle her and write her off as a villain in this situation is gross. she’s human and you can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through or how hard this is for her. she has dedicated half of her life to the national team and has worked her ass off to be where she is at, to become the best in the world, and accomplish all of the things that she has. i’m sure this is the last thing she ever saw coming. it truly says a lot about anyone as a person who is so quick to dismiss her feelings throughout all of this and instantly resort to making jokes and can so easily laugh at someone being beyond distraught and heartbroken over having their livelihood just stripped away from them. you forget that she’s an actual person with feelings just like the rest of you. it’s pretty fucking funny how the only time those of you who don’t like her ever tweet, make or reblog posts, or say anything about her is when you feel like there is an opportunity to be negative or say something incredibly rude about her. you can dislike a person without having to jump at any opportunity to try and drag them down. i think it’s hilarious how those of you who talk about the person you think hope is and question whether or not she is actually a good person can make horrible, vile comments about her and not even think twice about the person you actually are or at least are coming off as. if you somehow think that your ignorant comments are justifiable because you personally believe that she deserves them, they’re not. you all preach about people treating others with respect and being good people in general but apparently that only applies to everyone other than yourselves. 

This is fucking old
But I remember that I did an edit of Mavis for what I was hoping she would look like in HT2
Like I get it animation is hard and shes a vampire
Like I wanted nothing big
I think it would have been wonderful that once she moved out to live her life
and when she got older she started to look more like her mother 
grow her hair out
dressed some what similar
Her hips are a bit bigger because she going to be a mom 
Plus show that shes grown a little 

i cannot put into words just how much i love hope solo and how important she is to me. i’ll never be able to. she is someone who i have looked up to and have admired for so long, for so many reasons. most importantly because she is always herself and she never makes excuses for any of the things she says or does. she embraces life for what it is, both good and bad, and is always trying to learn and grow and better herself as a person along the way. it’s important to see that a person doesn’t just sugarcoat everything in life or pretend that it’s always going to be easy when it isn’t. hope chooses to share a lot about herself and her life with her fans and the world, and talks about personal experiences that have been both easy and hard, both of which she has learned from. her outlook on life is an incredibly admirable one. some disagree with her for always being so outspoken, but it’s one of the reasons why i love her so much. she isn’t afraid to speak her mind but more importantly she isn’t afraid to speak up about what isn’t right. she puts her whole heart into everything she’s passionate about both on and off the field and she has never been one to hold back. she without a doubt is someone who i will always admire and support. i have nothing but love and respect for her, and i will always stand by her no matter what. she has been the most influential person in my life and i am grateful for everything that i have ever learned and have taken from her. i always have and always will love hope.