im gonna write a long post about meeting hope later on when ive finally relaxed but she held my hand and hugged me and was so cute when i gave her her gift and i just love her she’s genuinely the nicest person i have ever met in my life i still can’t believe today happened!!!!

Satanás vai tentar usar alguém que você respeita e admira para tentar parar o plano de Deus para sua vida! Pessoas não são nossos inimigos mas podem ser usadas pelo nosso inimigo!Aprenda a discernir!
—  Pra Helena Tannure

As of right now for my first official request under the cut, there is 10 77 x 77 gif icons of an actor named  Herman Tommeraas i will update if i’m able to find more interview and videos off him, he was doing pretty much the same facial expressions in the one i found. I hope you enjoy them, please like // reblog if you use them,  as they are all made by yours truly. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me about all your interactions with Hope? I love when people talk about meeting their idol etc 😁 lol

of course :) the first was after my victory tour game in pittsburgh i called her name after it was over and she was heading back to the bench and she smiled and waved at me! the second interaction was on halloween last year when i dressed up as her and tweeted her and she quoted my tweet and replied “The all black! Looking good!” and i am still shook to this day she never had to say the words “looking good” to me ever aldfjaldkj but it was honestly such a good day she doesn’t owe me or anybody anything and she still took time out of her day to interact with fans and i appreciate that so much. a few months later my friend ayana met her and she and another friend of mine are in a gc and we wrote messages for hope and after reading them hope said that she appreciated the 3 of us and was grateful for our strong support!! that is my favorite so far because having someone who is so important to you who you love and admire more than anyone say that is a lot and it’s incredible and so touching and not something you would expect at all but hope is a very genuine person and you can tell just how much she loves her fans and thinking about this has me close to tears but i love her so much and im never going to forget that. also again this halloween she liked my tweet because i was her again for halloween and also liked my best friends tweet mentioning me which was nice of her! i haven’t met her yet but im going to in less than two weeks in new york city and i honestly have never been more excited for anything in my entire life it still hasn’t properly hit me yet that im going to meet her but this is truly going to be the best day of my life i have never wanted anything more and im really grateful that i have this opportunity to thank her for everything she has personally done for me but also thank her in general and tell her how important she is to me and im really gonna lose my shit that day but nothing would make me happier than meeting her and i really can’t wait to i love her so much