order of the phoenix au where dolores umbridge is replaced by undyingUmbrage

instead of giving harry detention and making him write on his hand, this happens:

[Gif description: Caliborn from Homestuck, a green goblin-like boy, hits John Egbert, a human boy, in the face with a golden sceptre so hard that his glasses and eyes fly off. John replaces them with an angry expression, and then proceeds to punch Caliborn in the gut three times. A rusted robot bunny dances in the background.]

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Weeewoooweeewoooweeewooo waaaAAAA waaaAAAA BUZZTBZZZT "sry ofcer u arrestd"; "nyo" WEEEWOOOWEEEWOOO nyuuuUuuuUuUUUUUUUU WEEWOOWEEWOOWEEOWW BZZZTBZZT *CAR NOISES* "HES GETINJ AWYAY" weewooweeowoo *flash lights with the red and the blue* WEEwooWEEwoo owowoowowowowow WEE woo wwooe "u can't catches me neow" weewoo weewoo "haha he's going in the slammer neow2" what is slammer even slamm slamm WEEEwooWee woo WEEWOOWEEWOO BZZTBZZTBZZT weko WEEWOO neenooo slamm slamm jail time WEEWOOOWEEWOO RED AND BLU


John is located in a new school, at the same time he discovers more superheroes besides himself, and one of them is captured by dark forces, he is going to unite with all possible heroes whom he can find in order to repel evil and restore peace and tranquility to usual people…

===>Rose in grimdark. After the death of her mother she fell into despair and was looking for any ways of her resurrection, but in spite of all her strength she could not do it. Then she had to turn to the dark forces in order to find the one who killed her mother and take revenge on him, but contrary to her expectations, she could not hold the darkness. Darkness swallowed her.
Jade was aware of everything, but she could not harm Rose, because her own feelings interfered with her.
Unification in the Windman was her chance to save her…

Story of Jade

Even in her childhood she liked to play with the laboratory dogs of her grandfather, but what a surprise when she could merge with one of them. So in it settled two entities: an interdimensional dog and an ordinary girl. Knowing that such forces are not given so simply  she devoted herself to the protection of peace and order.

Story of Rose

Rose is a hereditary seer (though the forces are transmitted through a generation), the first time they showed up at her age of thirteen, she predicted the course of the game in the Flarp table game, it at first scared her, but over time she realized that this gift is a sign that she can Prevent accidents before they happen.