I just want to clarify a few point from my post yesterday in reply to @lange-c ‘s  A Case for a (Somewhat) Hopeful Homeland

Hopeful vs. Happy

@thisstartedwiththe3ofus expressed concern that a “hopeful” (vs. tragic) ending would be “forgettable”:

I’m really torn on this one. Carries story is hopeful yet so often we see her hopes dashed.

The shipper in me wants to see Carrie & Quinn sail off into the sunset with Franny and John Jr to explore the beauty of the world rather than the tragedy of it.

But I would also feel kind of ripped off if the ending isn’t as gripping and shocking as the show has been.

I kind of want it to end tragically because those are the endings you remember.

I would hate for Homeland to become a show I used to know and for whom I need YouTube to remind me how it ended. Not after all I’ve invested in it. This is just me though.

I want to clarify. I DO NOT SEE a HAPPY ending for Carrie. I DO NOT SEE Carrie and Quinn or anyone else riding off into the sunset. I DO NOT SEE things falling neatly into place. What I (and @lange-c) presented was the likelihood of a HOPEFUL ending. A hopeful ending does not preclude a “gripping and shocking” series finale. 

The kind of ending I’m envisioning and would LOVE for Homeland is something SIMILAR IN TONE to the season 3 finale, The Star. 

The Star was gripping and shocking. We saw Carrie’s hopes raised and dashed, and, yes, tragedy befell her. And if the episode had ended with Carrie clinging to a wire fence watching Brody hang I would consider it a fucking depressing ending devoid of hope. 

But it didn’t end there. It ended with Carrie drawing a star for Brody on the wall… one of the most beautiful and moving moments that show has ever given us. A moment that spoke of Carrie’s strength – to her, Brody died a hero, and no one would ever take that away from her – and signaled that she would be OK. 

In my opinion (again, I cannot highlight enough how entirely subjective and depending on our individual sensibilities this is!), if we were to weigh HOPE vs TRAGEDY in The Star on a scale, it would tip (if ever so slightly and subtly), towards hope. 

Faith as growth

A couple of people on Twitter objected to my categorization of Carrie rediscovering her faith as evidence of growth. I am not trying to make a statement about the merits of religion or saying that having faith is inherently good. I could care less about faith and religion in their own right. I only care about what FAITH represents for Carrie

Since episode 1x01, Carrie has exhibited signs of a pretty strong God Complex. The fact that she blames herself for 9/11 is a glaring example. Carrie’s NEED TO BE IN CONTROL is downright pathological and a lot of her most questionable behaviors have stemmed from her certitude in her (the CIA’s) cause. 

Carrie’s newfound faith in God represents an acknowledgement that she is not in control. She is not calling the shots anymore, in her own life or in the world at large. Clearly, she has a long way to go on this front (as evidenced by the fact that she was ready to play God again in 5x12 by ending Quinn’s life), but I see this as A PROFOUND DEVELOPMENT IN CARRIE’S CHARACTER.  

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Have a little faith.