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[SPOILER] So do you welcome speculations on this Quinn scenario? Because here's what I'm getting: Tommy may not be Q's friend, but Woman#2's husband/boyfriend and I get the feeling that she's letting Q drive his car while he's out of town. With that, I don't think that they are in Philly, but in NY if Tommy is in Philly. Also, they somehow end up at Mona's place, where you apparently have to pay $200 to play music. I feel like they will bring the Jazz back, and that's how C+Q find each other

Sure, speculate away! We have to keep ourselves entertained during this painfully long hiatus. 

As to the spoiler stuff, there is not enough information to make even an educated guess, so everything is pure speculation at this point, and we try not to get ahead of ourselves. But we agree that Quinn is not in Philly, Tommy is. When we first got this spoiler, these were some of our immediate questions: Does Quinn know Tommy? If so, from where? How does Quinn know woman #2? Why does he need to borrow a car, why doesn’t he just get his own? Obviously woman #2 is helping Quinn get something from Mona that costs 200, what is it? 

LOL at the idea that Quinn is there to play music. Although…

FWIW I don’t think the line about music has anything to do with bringing Carrie and Quinn together again. Quinn has always been a little sarcastic and sassy, that’s just Quinn being Quinn. 

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A really nice new interview with Lesli at Indiewire. The interviewer praises the "hunky" german boyfriend, they talk about the difficulty of such relationship to work, Carrie's fear of opening herself and revealing all of her completely to someone. Lesli brings Quinn up "One of the few people that saw her completely and accepted her a 100 percent, is Quinn. Because they're so alike. Now..whether they should be together because they're so alike is a whole another thing." They should at least try!

Thanks, Anon! I haven’t listened to it yet (I’m on vacation in Peru ;)) but will find the time to do so soon. (Although gross at the hunky German boyfriend thing).

As to Lesli’s comment re. CQ, it echoes Gansa’s “whether they’re compatible romantically is a whole other story” – seems this is their party line for S6. To me this says they will try to have a go at a relationship this season and will fail, AKA  “Will They/Won’t They” is here to stay. 

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[SPOILER] I'm really confused here, you said your source is reliable and the spoiler is legitimate, but it seems there isn't a consensus about it, as I can understand. Well the love interest thing is just HYH's Anon idea, right. But, is it one women or two in that car? Where is Q after all (otherwise, why was it mentioned him driving his friend's car, who lives in Philly)? Trying to make sense out of it, I just can think of a flashback, as awful as many might think. Please help me to clarify ;)


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Another character, Harry’s vile Aunt Marge, was based on one of Rowling’s family members who “liked dogs more than people.” But there’s one character who rises above all others in the annals of hatedHarry Potter Characters. The one character whom every fan agrees is the most evil and hated. No, not Voldemort. Not Lockhart. Not even the sniveling Wormtail.

It’s Dolores Umbridge. Her name literally means “annoyance and offense.”

If you saw the movies, you might remember Umbridge as the short one dressed in all-pink who makes Harry write with a pen that carves letters into his flesh. Seemed a bit much, right? Well, she was based on a teacher Rowling knew whom she described as someone she “disliked intensely on sight.” The feeling was mutual, and Rowling described her style as being appropriate to a girl of three.”

Imagine you’re a teacher trying your best to enrich young minds. One of your students (though not your favorite) has become the most successful writer since God. Excited, you open one of her books and find someone who’s clearly you, written as a dimwitted servant of evil dressed for a children’s tea party. Oh well, you guess she never forgave you for those detentions …

6 Iconic Works Of Art With Brutal Insults Hidden In Them


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“First and foremost they recognize each other, and I think in the world that’s what we’re all hoping for, is that there’s another person out there that recognizes us.” –Alex Gansa | requested by anonymous

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