mine:holliday grainger


god knows i live, god knows i died                                                                                                                                god knows i begged, begged, borrowed and cried.


Can you tell me why we’re cursed with this feeling that feels so natural, and good? When we’re together, God seems to sit in the room with us. And when you’re away, I manage to forget you. And then…one touch of your hand and God comes rushing back.

God, or the devil?


On the point of relinquishing her hand, he gave it a quick twist. He had kissed the back of it before she knew what had happened.

Cormoran Loves Robin • 3 / ∞


I have wanted to be an investigator for as long as I can remember. It’s the whole reason that I studied psychology in the first place. And then… for years I felt like that had been taken away… but now I’ve got a chance.


Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker

I did run away with the assignment. I fell for you. We can get out of the city. We can go to the mountains. You can read minds but you can’t read my heart. 


I feel as though I’m quite lucky. There were a few years where I would be cast as the Northern, working-class best friend, but I was never going up for the lead until someone took a gamble and I got the posh period girl. From then on I was posh period girl. Now it’s changing. I feel like all doors are open.