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How do i let him go ?

At first, you don’t.
You’ll hold on to everything that reminds you of him.
You’ll sleep in the shirt he left at your house just to torture yourself even more.
You’ll check his social media 200 times a day just to see if he’s already met someone else.
You’ll suffer. Alot.

And one day, you’ll find yourself sitting infront of your best friend, drinking hot chocolate and it won’t remind you of that one cold winter day when you and him sat on the floor wrapped in blankets.
You won’t be ready to start over with someone else yet, but you’re getting there. You’ll feel it.

You’ll miss him like crazy, but everyday it gets easier to live without him.

So, I think we never really let them go, we just learn how to let go of the heartbreak.
At some point we just find peace. And in that moment it won’t hurt anymore.

Our first kiss happened while we were fucking
All in, sloppy and airy
Tongue and teeth and thrilling

You see
I didn’t get four or five dates before I slept with you
I didn’t watch a movie or eat dinner across from you
Instead I got complimented on my ass and the way my lips felt around you

You see me as your fuck buddy
But to me, you are a god damned angel on earth with bad intentions
And I think maybe I should start questioning where you’re from

—  I want you and you want my body, h.b.