343 Industries has announced several new features of the February update, titled Hammer Storm, but this one was so exciting and relevant to the blog that it required its own post.

The palette for armor colors has been upped from 32 to 60, and emblems have free color customization now. Improved oranges and purples have been confirmed, and from the looks of it that would only cover 10 of our 28 new colors at most!

We’ll return to regular schedule tomorrow, and when Hammer Storm hits, expect great things.


Halo 5: Guardians - HAMMER STORM UPDATE PREVIEW (Halo 5 News)

Halo 5 Hammer Storm Update brings new gametypes, armor, and REQs this February! Featuring Torque Arena Map, the Gravity Hammer, a new Loadout attachment, and a Mystery Mythic REQ.

I’m right miffed at Phil Spencer’s interview about Halo’s lore and multiplayer, but I have to wonder where his statement is coming from. What sort of statistics do they have? Is it from purchases? Is it from the community feedback survey (which by the way, if you haven’t signed up, please do. It’s a monthly thing and you get a direct line to tell Microsoft what you think about Halo)?

So, without harassing people how can we make our passion know to the folks at Microsoft? How can we tell them that we are passionate about the lore and the story as much as (or for some of us) even more than multiplayer? 

One way, of course, is the feedback survey (please sign up for it), but I also want to know if there are any others. Thoughts?

anonymous asked:

Is it safe to assume that the members of Blue Team still keep their ranks from before the Spartan Branch was created (i.e. Lieutenant Fred, Officer Kelly) because they still report to NAVSPECWAR? As far as I know only the Spartans serving Spartan Branch are addressed as Spartan as rank.

Actually there’s no need to assume at all, because what you said is indeed the truth of the situation.

The Spartan-II members of Blue Team were never integrated into the new Spartan Branch of the UNSC in the years following its establishment, so they’ve retained their Navy ranks. As of 2558, Fred-104 is a Lieutenant (Junior Grade), while Kelly-087 and Linda-058 are both Petty Officers (First Class). And of course John-117 is still a Master Chief Petty Officer.