My Season 7 Premiere Review

Having being away for the weekend I have been able to watch the season premiere only today and here’s my impressions:

  • I enjoyed the episode! After a season 6 where a can only save the season finale, this first episode in season 7 is actually one I want to watch again, for several good reasons, I think I saw a big improvement from last season in the whole episode construction. I’m happy and I want more! :) But let’s star with the only negative thing…
  • I’ll pretend Steve was having some kind of vision (Hookman style) in the chapel because it was really *creepy*. I can certainly understand the wish of honoring Jack Lord, but if you can’t do it properly just let it go… At least they could have made him clearly a vision making him somehow a blurry halo with a vague resemblance to the old McGarrett ,making it look like Steve was actually talking with a part of himself. That Jack Lord’s puppet with soulless eyes was just plain scary. 
  • But it was an alternate universe scene even for an other big reason: did they hint that Steve lost ‘the woman of his life (???????)’ due to his work????? I mean, seriously? She lied, betrayed and abandoned him again and again… he tried to help her again and again… she left, came back and left again… ‘loosing’ her has been the greatest luck in Steve’s life, second only to meeting Danny! Anyway I think that all this questioning about his life they’re making Steve do will bring him to recognize again he actually has a family, his ohana made of broken toys he fixed somehow bringing them together <3
  • So, what do I liked in the ep? First of all: Danny being Danny again! I loved him so much in this episode, I finally saw again the character he was and I fell in love with: loving, funny, hard headed as much as Steve, smart, not the whining angry man they wrote last season most of the time. ‘He said he was fine, he was wrong’ that really made me laugh :D I was worried for the wheelchairs race, from the preview it looked dumb and Steve looked mean, but watching it was indeed silly but not so bad, because Steve cheated but Danny got back at him and even won, an other signal the real Danny, the one who doesn’t take any s##t from Steve, is back! The scene where he stressed Steve to the point to let him drive only for telling him he couldn’t drive either and having Chin chaperoning them both was an other I feared from the sneak peek and then surprised me in a good way :)
  • Looks like I was worried about a lot of things (and who can blame me after season 6? :P) which turned out quite good instead: Danny and Steve dialogue after Steve hurt himself was in character too and after that, with Steve still stubbornly going inside the hotel, Danny had his back as usual, till that ‘Steve! Don’t do it!’ he finally listened to, saving his life. And the way Steve and Danny look at each other after the bad guy falls down and dies is an other beautiful moment.
  • I was pretty sure they would mostly ignore that Steve almost died two weeks before and indeed they had him jumping and running like in his best SEAL’s days.. but Alex being good as he is, played Steve like he was out of breath all the time, and I liked this little bit of realism, I can see Steve pretending everything was normal even if he didn’t feel OK at all (to all the fanfic writers out there: whumpy-codas are always welcome ;)). Also thanks to Alex for showing so well the emotions behind Steve’s stubborn behavior. <3
  • Special mention for the ‘They’re in love again’ that I don’t know who said, Kono or Abby?

And after all the McDanno I loved here’s some other nice things:

  • The incredibly long parkour action scene which was very well done (action scenes being a must for H50) 
  • That little core 4 moment in the elevator, just seeing them together makes me smile remembering the good old times of the first seasons.
  • Chin being such sweet uncle to Sara (I think he’s going to let her go but I’d love so much for him to adept her <3) and such a badass when he gives orders to the hotel manager 
  • Kamekona And his new season project :D
  • Meeting the new governor, first watching her on TV being all ‘aloha-style’ only to have her ordering Steve around a few minutes later… great lady! 
  • The new ME who probably won’t be anyone Love Interest since she’s a curvy girl :P

That’s all for this week, I’m a happy fangirl today and next week episode looks good too, I also love  Chris Vance since I watched him on  Mental ;)


A #BTS look at some of the #parkour stunts for the #H50 Season 7 premier. Thanks again to @airjef - Jeff Cadiente for trusting me and allowing me to go big while keeping me safe.

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