friendly reminder that scott caan knows danny’s character so well he’s constantly sticking background gestures into his scenes that make him feel 10x more real

not only is there a comment about his insomnia, danny’s rubbing his eyes and temple and looking vaguely exhausted all episode 

and don’t even talk to me about him wiping his eyes and nose when he sees steve in the hospital and the camera’s focus is elsewhere don’t

friendly reminder that scott caan is great okay

Actual dialogue from episode 5x17

Steve: “You know what, this whole passive-aggressive thing? I’m done. I’m tired. It’s tired.”

Danny: “All right, let’s do aggressive-aggressive. You want that?”

Steve: “How do you want to do it?”

Danny: “ ’Cause I could…”

… and then they hear that woman screaming. Guys, if they hadn’t gotten interrupted… Let’s just say Hawaii Five-0 seriously was on the verge of going NC-17 and I think Steve and Danny would have needed to buy a new couch for Agnes ;)

luxnowell asked:

Imagine Steve in his sleepy state thought he was petting Mr. Pickles but instead he was petting Danny...,

and his fingers get tangled up in danny’s hair, and danny pretends to be asleep because he really likes it but steve suddenly realises that its danny and he continuous to do it because god knows they’ve needed this physical contact forever and all he wants is to pull danny’s face up towards him and kiss him and never let him go. 

So, guys, I was thinking whether anyone of you would be a sweetheart and recommended me a longer, well-written and interesting mcdanno fic? Tomorrow I’ve got an unexpected hell of a gap between classes and it’s not like I want to spend the free time *studying*. Therefore, if anything interesting comes to your mind I’d be very grateful…