“average writer publishes about 1 book a decade” factoid actualy just statistical error. average writer publishes several books per decade. Westeros Georg, who lives in a new mexico and only publishes when the stars are aligned , is an outlier adn should not have been counted

I think Joffrey is now the king in America. And he’s grown up just as petulant and irrational as he was when he was thirteen in the books.
—  George R.R. Martin in Esquire.

“‘It’s just a stupid sword,’ she said, aloud this time… But it wasn’t. Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile.”

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samwpmarleau  asked:

Since I know you're a fan of stupid theories being debunked: do you have any favorite SSMs or the like that have rendered those theories moot? Or more broadly, any bits of information that you've found particularly intriguing or which challenged any assumptions of yours?

Ummm… hmm. Re crack theory debunking, the first thing that comes to mind is when GRRM said Darkstar is in his late twenties, and therefore very definitely not the real Aegon Targaryen, or Jon’s twin, or any of the weirder identity theories that hovered around him for a while. Oh, and along those lines, the SSM where he cleared up (for people without reading comprehension) that Edric Dayne is 12 and did not nurse from Wylla at the same time the four-years-older Jon did. (And so obviously he isn’t Jon’s twin either. There are wayyy too many Jon twin theories.)

Ooh, and the fact that someone asked GRRM about the Corn Code crack theory and he didn’t do a typical “just wait and see” but actually replied with a straight-up “no” is hilarious. As was the theory creator’s response, OMG.  edit: And @goodqueenaly reminds me that GRRM also said that Rhaegar was cremated, and so is very definitely not still alive and pretending to be someone else.

Intriguing info… ah, gosh, the SSMs are full of really cool stuff. I can’t even quantify it. But some of my favorites, for theory proving and debunking – that Targaryens are not immune to fire (also) (so Jon getting his hand burned does not disprove R+L=J); that Princess Rhaenys looked like a Martell (so Jon looking like a Stark does not disprove R+L=J); and of course “Dany was most like named by her mother, Tyrion by his father, Jon by Ned”. GRRM being ever so careful in his wording is always a joy. :)

Like, oh, his very careful statement about whether Sandor and Sansa would meet again. (And so much more that I have in this tag.) Though when he’s not at all careful, it can be amazing, like when he said the third head of the dragon will not necessarily be a Targaryen. Or when he said all of the Stark children are wargs.

As for challenging my assumptions and theories – probably the biggest one was his “NO” response to when his editor asked if Coldhands was Benjen Stark. That was very annoying, because I really did believe Coldhands was Benjen. (Hell, the GoT guys seem to have said fuck it and gone with that theory anyway, which should tell you a lot about the show and its relationship to the upcoming books, rather.) I don’t think the Waterstones pitch letter actually challenged anything I believed, even though it was extremely revealing about GRRM’s original ideas about ASOIAF – because, like, when people do try to bring up the original plot as proof of something or the other, I respond “so you think Jaime’s going to murder everyone and take the throne, then? And that Tyrion’s going to have a deadly rivalry with Jon over Arya’s love?” because honestly that’s just as valid. :D

Anyway, unfortunately I don’t tag posts with SSMs or interviews (I should, I haven’t, it’s probably too hard to fix now) so I can’t find all of my favorites right now, alas. (My GRRM tag has a lot, but I know not everything.) I very much recommend going to the So Spake Martin archives and reading them all, though, there’s so much good stuff in there. A lot which aren’t picked up by the SSM search engine, too, because they’re links to interviews, and oh man can those interviews be amazing. (Like this one! And this one! And this one! And… ok, I’ll stop now.)

dj-taktix  asked:

Re: Debunking theories: is it possible GRRM doesn't always tell the truth when confirming or denying theories? He's always warning us about unreliable narrators, and I doubt he'd give away a twist just because someone asked him at a Comicon or something. I'm thinking specifically of Benjen/Coldhands because, come on, Coldhands is soooo Benjen and maybe confirming that now would spoil some TWOW reveal north of the Wall...

No, when GRRM doesn’t want to give away a twist, he just refuses to answer. (So many wasted questions at con panels where someone asks “so what’s going to happen to [character]?” and he replies that they need to keep reading.) Or he answers obscurely, like in the interview after ADWD came out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So why did you kill Jon Snow?

GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: Oh, you think he’s dead, do you?

EW: Well, I guess. Yes. That’s how I took it. The way it was written, it sounded like he was mortally wounded — and, you know, it’s you!

GRRM: Well. I’m not going to address whether he’s dead or not.

Also, if you can’t trust the word of the author, who can you trust? GRRM doesn’t have a reason to lie, he knows every single word he speaks is recorded and analyzed to high heaven. The only caveat he makes is that sometimes if he’s worldbuilding or infodumping history or doing a reading of unpublished material, it’s not true canon until it appears in an actual published book. For example, revising Bittersteel’s sigil from a dragon head and a horse head with a sword bend sinister between them, to a red stallion with black dragon wings; or the con reading where Jon executed Janos Slynt by having him hanged from the Wall. (Even TWOIAF doesn’t count as much as the novels; he’s said that Bellegere Otherys’s parentage is per Arya’s Mercy chapter, not what Yandel says.)

The situation with Benjen and Coldhands is particularly notable because GRRM wasn’t communicating with a fan – he was writing to his editor. (OK, his editor is a fan, but it’s not the same thing.) Anne Groell got to read ADWD before anyone else, she got the manuscript as it was being written so that she could have it edited and ready to go as soon as possible after it was completed. She knows what’s in all the chapters that were cut from ADWD and put into TWOW, she’s read them already. (Heck, she’s the one who pushed him to cut one sequence.) The bond between an author and editor is one of deep trust and commitment – it’s like a marriage, almost, that produces baby books. ;) 

So GRRM has less than zero reason to lie to his editor in any way whatsoever – so when she asked if Benjen is Coldhands and he replied “NO”, there’s not really any other way to take it. OK, so, I briefly hoped that “NO” might mean “no don’t ask me I’m not telling you right now”, but I really don’t think that anymore. There’s too many problems with Benjen being Coldhands, ranging from the CotF saying he died long ago, to his words in a strange language while praying over the body of his elk, to the fact that Bran doesn’t recognize him at all, not in the slightest. Benjen is doing something else. I’ll be damned if I know what exactly, he’s totally Chekhov’s Stark, and heaven knows he might have even met Coldhands… but they’re not the same person.

edit: @goodqueenaly replied:

Yeah, when GRRM doesn’t want to confirm or deny something, he often gives a specifically coy answer - saying Tywin would flog anyone who suggested he had a bastard, calling the idea of Tywin building the tunnel to Chataya’s an “interesting theory”, saying “no comment” when asked if Marei was Tyrion’s daughter, only confining Rhaenys had died during the Sack of King’s Landing. If he were going to lie, he could’ve lied at all of those opportunities.

Yes, yes exactly.