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Gotham by Night:  Alfred

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16 x 20 with a white border, unframed.

Each print signed and numbered.

prints shipped in poster tube!


So everyone keeps giving Batman a lot of grief because all of gotham’s baddies worked for Wayne Corp at one point.

But think about this: Bruce Wayne’s company is the largest company in Gotham. No rich person in their right mind want to focus on such a bad city. Other cities have so much more promise.

But Wayne Corp is an equal opportunity employer. Bruce makes sure that anyone who wants a job has one. He is giving them a chance in life, a chance to have a legit job, a chance to get off the streets.

We need more people like Bruce Wayne. We don’t just need investors for sure-thing projects. We need investors willing to give the underdog a chance. To give a scientist a chance to try and help the world. To give a person who might have been in jail who is trying to be good the chance to BE good.

Bruce Wayne believes in Gotham.